Amsterdam Not Just Tulip and Windmill



Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands. Tourism of Netherlands is better known as a tourist visiting the Tulip flower garden (Keukenhof), Madurodam (miniature Holland), Volendam (fishing town where tourists take pictures with typical clothing Netherlands). Another object is windmills, cheese making and typical Dutch shoe (Klompen) and enjoys the city tour by sailing along the Amsterdam canals in the middle of town (Rondvart).

Indeed, the Netherlands is not only famous for its canal city, the city of tulips and windmills but there are many more sights of interest to visit in the summer, especially in Amsterdam, which also became the location of Schiphol Airport where almost all airlines around the world stopped here.

Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands that is very diverse because today is inhabited by various tribes from all over the world. Initially, Amsterdam is famous for its tourist only for adults in the area of ​prostitution (sex tourism) or a city full of freedom for adults such as coffee shops that sell marijuana legally as well as the expression of various art performances.

Amsterdam is also known as “the Venice of the North” is a city that many go through the canals, the bridges, including bridges newfangled old-fashioned. In Amsterdam, there are old buildings that are still preserved, museum and also the largest shopping centers in the Netherlands.

You can enjoy everything in Amsterdam by foot or cycling and a sailing boat in the canals of Amsterdam (Rondvart) while enjoying the old buildings that are centuries old and well maintained good standing with similar architecture new building, houses a beautiful ship in the canal side.

Public transport facilities are very adequate and comfortable that is the tram, inter-city trains, buses, taxis, hop on hop off bus which toured continuously throughout the city.

You can also find the sea transport facilities in Amsterdam with a port for ferries, large ships, especially cruise ships that cater to tourists (Rondvart).

Train transportation between cities and countries are also located in downtown Amsterdam (Central Station).

Other facilities such as hotel accommodation in all regions (approximately 300 hotels) and also various restaurants, coffee shops and even can be called as a global culinary center. You could say almost all foods from various countries are already available in the city which is almost rare vehicles such as congestion in other metropolitan cities.

Amsterdam is also known as the museum’s city (more than 50 museums) including the Anne Frank Museum, Rijks Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Tropen Museum, Madame Tussaud Museum, Zoologisch Museum, Maritime Museum, Diamond Museum, there is even a Museum of Sex and the Erotic Museum.

Other tours also can be enjoyed for free in city parks in addition to extensive recreational areas or the sunbathing during the hot sun, also the venue of art, including pop music/band of young people. Classical music such as the Vondelpark, Martin Luther Kingpark and Culture Park. Art parade was also held on the ships that crossed the canal like the gay parade.

To complete your summer tour in Amsterdam you should also visit Zandaam area that is not far away, about 10 minutes from Amsterdam. The area is famous for its many windmills, known as thousand of windmills and very interesting to see when the weather is hotter than other seasons because the air around the coast will always be cold.



source: Amsterdam Not Just Tulip and Windmill