About The Different Ways To Get Around In Hong Kong And Beijing



Not every people in Hong Kong gets to drive on the streets and highways. This is why the government has set up restrictions in place as to which people can own and drive a car. There are plenty of people that drive a vehicle on the streets in Hong Kong that the government felt there was not a need for every people to own a car. Once this regulation was set up forth, many cars remained off the streets and highways. Never the less, the growth in people riding in these days looks to be growing over back up again.

But, there are many people who are turning away from their cars and using public transportation. Hong Kong’s transportation system uses buses, streetcars and ferries. Besides Hong Kong has a minibus, rail system and electric railway. To get to and from their destinations the majority of people in Hong Kong prefer to use the buses. As well they use the service of the mini buses. In a certain area in Hong Kong you can use a cable car service.

There are also ferry services to go from Hong Kong to Macau. If you would like to go from Hong Kong to Kwangtung, you could do best by using a small airplane. If you take the electric railway, you can go to destinations like Tai Po and Sha Tin. More and more people are starting to go with this service. As a result, ridership from using the electric railway has expanded with riders. Besides carrying passengers, this railway system is responsible for carrying farm animal and some other pieces of freight.

The city of Beijing is increasing in number, and they have to do a lot of things in order to adapt the inflow of people getting to their city. This is why, the government has started to implement ways of transportation that are reliable and will take people to their destination faster. Particularly with the upcoming 2008 Summer Olympic Games is this very important. People want to get to their destinations safely and quickly. It’s really important that this is carried out because the whole world will be looking at them to view how they operate in this capacity.

Beijing uses three modes of public transportation systems: buses, subways and taxis. The subway of the city is about 30 years or more in age. The subway is in good shape, however it could get some upgrades, particularly with the 2008 Summer Olympic Games right around the corner. The system consists of sixteen stations, which are housed among two railway lines. Another line is responsible for housing 21 railway stations. To use this service, you’ll require what is known as a journey ticket. The tickets are really inexpensive. If you are considering to go to downtown Beijing, you can use up either of these subway lines to get there.

Within the bus system, there are a just about 650 bus routes you can take to go to anywhere within restricts of the city. The buses are almost always full to capacity, so you may have to stand once you get on.

There are so many of taxis in Beijing that you won’t have any problems finding one. Currently they are not connected to any other systems yet, but that’s about to change soon. They are intending to supply each taxi with wireless systems soon.


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