Teens and Cough Medicine Abuse



Teenage time is the period where individuals try to find who they are. Teenagers will mingle with friends and start to leave their dependence on their families. Teenagers often encounter problems with their friends or families. Parents should monitor their children to know their development to protect them from bad influences from friends and environment, unless they will commit juvenile delinquency including drug abuse. Drug abuse includes cough or cold medicine abuse. To know if your children misuse the cough medicine, understand these following signs.


  • Grades

If your children’s grades decline, you need to know why. Sometimes drug abuse gives contribution. Cough medicine abuse causes the students to be less diligent in doing or submitting assignments, become lazy to study, stop participating in every class activity, and skip the class.

  • Friends

Make sure that you know your children’s friends, especially their best friends. If your children stop hanging out with their friends or even start to mingle with strange faces and you are bothered with this condition, you need to know the reason. Probably, they start to get involved in abusive behavior.

  • Mood

Did you notice mood swings in your children? Mood swings are characterized with significant changes on the moods. If your children are manic, but suddenly they become furious or sad, this indicates mood swings. You also need to know why your children become loners. They are the signs of drug abuse.

  • Appearance

Identify whether your children significantly change their style of clothing. You also need to check if they start to wear the same clothes for a few days or stop taking bath regularly.

  • Eating

Eating habits can indicate drug abuse on teenagers. This can cause them to eat less or more.

  • Sleeping

Sleeping pattern can be used to check whether your children get involved in drug abusive activity or not. Drug abuse affects sleeping pattern. Teenagers can sleep all day or never sleep at all.

  • Secretiveness

Do your children keep something secret? Do they prohibit you to know their after-school activities? Or are they anxious when you check their belongings? Probably, they are hiding a secret including their abusive habit.

  • Frequently ask for cough or cold medicine

You need to worry if your children frequently ask for cough or cold medicine especially when they are not sick. You also need to check their bedrooms to see whether they hide empty bottles of cough or cold medicine. These can be the signs of drug abuse.

To minimize the possibility of drug abuse in teenagers, you can try to gather evidence by researching the signs above. It is necessary to maintain good communication with your children to support you have discussion to monitor your children development. Through the discussion, you can identify problems in their teenage time including drug abuse. If you want to talk to your children, make sure that the time is right. When you find the fact that your children are abusing cough or cold medicine, do not react impulsively. If you storm their room and yell at them, they will become defensive. Think about what you need to say before saying it to them. If the discussion leads to agreement to stop abusing, you still need to maintain regular and ongoing discussion to make sure that they completely stop.



SOURCE: Teens and Cough Medicine Abuse