How Regular Exercise Can Help You Lose Weight Quickly



Let’s Talk Time

Let’s face it; we are all hard pressed to fit everything that we want to do into the limited amount of time that we have each day. Most days it seems that 24hrs just isn’t enough time. In my experience, the first thing to fall off the plate is usually your exercise routines. Knowing that, we need to maximize the benefits that we get from our routines in the shortest time possible. The best way to lose weight exercising in a relatively short period of time is by doing variations of cardiovascular workouts. This form of exercising to lose weight is commonly referred to as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Cardio Workouts – Definition

Unlike strength building exercises, Cardio workouts have a direct impact on your heart. Cardiovascular training functions in increasing your heartbeat for a certain period of time, thereby enabling your lungs as well as your heart to increase in strength. Cardio workouts are also commonly known to as aerobic training.

During aerobic training, large volumes of oxygen are continuously delivered to the muscle tissues, which in turn guarantee burning of excess body fat in order to supply the muscles with more energy. The intensity of an aerobic exercise mainly hinges on the strength of your heart. If your heart and lungs are more developed, you will be able to endure more intense aerobic training compared to an individual who is just starting out.

Jogging, swimming, walking, hiking and biking are perfect examples of aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises are generally regarded as the best exercises to lose weight fast because there are minimal breaks in-between the workout sessions. Then again, the secret to losing weight exercising with Cardio workouts is by executing the exercises correctly.

Tips on How to Correctly Perform Cardio Workouts

A majority of personal trainers as well as gym coaches often advocate for a system commonly referred to as “heart-rate training”. Even though prolonged training sessions of working out on a treadmill at home can help you to get rid of excess body fat, it is paramount that you acquire the stamina needed to conclude the workout session. Therefore, the intensity of the workout session ought to be on the same par as your heart.

Heart-rate basically denotes the number of your heartbeat per minute. A higher heart-rate indicates the highest number of heartbeats that your body can sustain in any given minute. According to most certified trainers, the best heart-rate is 60 to 80 percent of your optimum heart-rate. As such, this is the intensity you need to exercise in for at least 30 to 60 minutes in order to get the maximum benefits possible.

High Intensity Interval Training

One of the disadvantages of these types of Cardio treadmill workouts is boredom. Another potential disadvantage is that there may be a chance that your body might get used to the training technique thereby limiting the number of calories you can burn in a single workout session (typically called “Plateauing”). High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best form of cardio based workout since it not only prevents your body from getting used to the various workout techniques, but also does a great job at keeping boredom at bay. Here is a typical structure to a HIIT workout:

– Spending 3 to 4 minutes warming up.

– Spending 1 minute on the treadmill doing intense running.

– Spending roughly 2 minutes doing fast walking.

– Spending 1 minute on the treadmill doing hyper intense running.

– Spending the last 1 minute doing fast walking.

This routine should be repeated at least 4 to 5 times in order to achieve a maximum of 20 minutes total workout time.

Benefits of Using High Intensity Interval Training to Lose Weight

Listed below, are some of the benefits of using High Intensity Interval Training to lose weight:

– It is not only a fast way to lose weight, but a much more efficient means of working out. Twenty minutes of HIIT, enables you to burn more fat than 1 hour of continuous running on the treadmill.

– HIIT enables you to effortlessly build a physique that is comparable to a sprinter (i.e. nice and lean).

– HIIT triggers what is commonly referred to as the after-burn effect. What this means is that your body will continue to burn calories even after completing the workout session. Nice bonus!

If one of your goals is to lose weight exercising, then it is highly recommended that you consult a certified and experienced trainer before embarking on this type of program. These workouts are intense and will stress the heart and lungs much more than a typical jog on the treadmill. Learn to exercise properly and you will be almost guaranteed to hit all the weight loss goals that you have for yourself. Just remember to always enjoy the experience.



source: How Regular Exercise Can Help You Lose Weight Quickly