Trendy Trousers 2016



Fashion Fall Winter 2016 the year – is the freedom to taste. On the one hand there is the freedom and audacity, and other classics. Beautiful half of humanity will have to make their choices.

Girls with shapely legs lucky, fashion leggings, which means that they can captivate the male half of its forms.

What pants are in trend this season:

  • Pants-pipes (pipe pants)
  • Breeches and bloomers
  • Leggings, sweatpants
  • Pants made of leather, velvet, suede and wool
  • Pants made of transparent and light fabrics
  • Pants in a cage strip

Color Schemes

The main place on the podium occupies the black and gray model. Bright girls will surprise fuchsia, burgundy, pumpkin, coral, white, blue, pink and many other colors. This season, occupies a special place decor. A lot of things with abstract prints, drawings, and a strip cell graphics. Women’s trousers and jeans decorated with pockets, zippers, chains, metal fittings. The Bohemians will be happy, because in this cold season will be enough shine and bright colors.

Broad form

At fashion shows were presented trousers free cut. These include bottoms and baggy pants wide-pipe. They have enough restrained colors:


And all the plain. These pants do not need the decoration, and so they look bold and shocking. But there is an unlimited choice of fabrics. Relevant and tight pants are flowing silk jacquard pattern.

Slacks perfectly with shirt and jacket will help to create an excellent image of the office. Special attention to such models should pay the girls with imperfect forms. Casual style also includes the wearing of trousers-pipes, but with sweaters, shirts and blouses free style.

Unchanging classic

Classics never go out of fashion. Graceful silhouettes, feminine colors, soft shapes make women more beautiful. These pants have to be in any wardrobe. Hit of the season became a classic pearl gray color. To create an original image, combine it with green and yellow tones, use so that color plays a minor role in the ensemble.

There is a great option for those who prefer to wear tight pants. Models arrow perfectly fit the image of a business woman. Fashion shows were filled with short trousers. If you think that you cannot find the right length, do not experiment.

Bright model

For bright and creative designers persons released model catchy and unusual colors that created a furor. These pants do not need additional decor. They look impressive, eye-catching others. Many options with animalistic print, cell and strip. Women with curvaceous do not have to worry about your appearance. For them, win-win option will direct model, which visually make slimmer.

Leather and vinyl

Leather pants came to us from past seasons and again conquered the podium. In the autumn winter2016 will be in fashion glossy pants made ​​of leather and vinyl. They gave us a “glamorous chic.” And this season, it is relevant again. Combine pants with bright boots and jackets to create a stylish, urban image. Leather model can also be worn with light blouses or shirts, sweaters rough, leather jackets, raincoats, etc.

Transparent fabrics

Pants transparent fabrics dare to wear in autumn or winter only the bravest girl. However, such models were presented at fashion shows. Wear a warm sweater and light trousers, and you get a chic ensemble for this purpose, fit and satin.


In these trousers can go to work, go for a walk with friends, go shopping. Pick the right blouse and shoes and get a stunning outfit. Wide hips help hide elongated tunics or cardigans and high heel will make a figure slimmer, lengthen the silhouette. Slim fit skinny girl shirts and close-fitting jackets.


Bell-bottomed trousers, combined with a high heel – it is just what we need women with a curvy hips. These models extend the legs, slimmer silhouette doing. But they also need to choose wisely. Representatives of hippies like these pants combined with delicate floral blouse.

Designers recommend to give preference to models that have flared from the knee goes.
To summarize

Designers presented a large range of stylish fashion pants new season. Basic materials are:

Shiny and metallic fabrics
And looking at the splendor of color begins to feel dizzy. Fundamental color:

Do not forget about the animalistic prints, abstract patterns, stripes and cage.



source: Trendy Trousers 2016