Healthy Diet To Lose Weight



Are you looking for a healthy diet to lose weight? Tired of fad diets that don’t work, or don’t keep the weight off, or are you just asking yourself how do I lose weight? I’ve researched many diets and have come to the conclusion that the best healthy diet to lose weight is a low carb, high protein diet complete with plenty of the best foods to lose weight.

There is a reason why Adkins, The South Beach Diet, The Zone Diet, and other low carb, high protein diets are so popular…because low carb, high protein WORKS. If you combine the power of a low carb, high protein lifestyle with a sensible glycemic index lifestyle, you will, without a doubt, reach your weight loss goals.

The Best “Diet” to Follow? No Diet!

If I had to endorse a particular diet, the best one I could chose is the “Paleo Diet.” However, even a true paleo dieter follows too many restrictions. Instead, through experience and some research I have developed my dietary lifestyle that is based primarily on the principles of a paleo diet which is high protein, low carb, and a sensible glycemic index of foods.

I don’t think of this as a diet, I think of it as me, a part of who I am and my lifestyle. This is the reason why I am able to keep weight off without even trying. People make fun of me every day for my eating habits, but at the end of the day, I’m the one who is healthier and able to take my shirt off at the pool with confidence. Over time, you can do this too, but you have to embrace a lifestyle, not a diet.

The Real Secret of a Healthy Diet to Lose Weight

The best thing you can do immediately to lose weight is lose carbs. A high protein diet is great, but a low carb diet is even better.


The simple reason why carbohydrates are bad is because your body stores excess carbs as fat. The more technical reason is that any carbs not immediately used by your body are stored in a form of a sugar called glycogen. Typically glycogen is stored in both the liver and muscles, but once they have enough carbs and reached their “storage capacity”, any more carbs that enter your body get turned into fat.

You can eat all the rice cakes and fat free snacks you want, but if you eat too many, you start to gain some fat. In fact I went on a rice cake binge several years ago thinking they would be a great low fat snack, but I quickly noticed I was getting a little fat despite a tough workout routine. Once I cut out the rice cakes from my diet and replaced them with a low glycemic carb, my stomach got tighter again.

A Dangerous Game With an Important Hormone

The other downside to excess carbs is that they will increase levels of the hormone insulin in your bloodstream. When you eat a meal, especially a meal high in carbohydrates, your body secretes insulin from your pancreas in an attempt to break down the excess sugar in your blood. The insulin will successfully break down your blood sugar, but this sugar has to go somewhere, so it gets stored as fat. If this process is taken to extremes, you cannot only get very big, but can develop major health problems like Type 2 Diabetes.

How to cut carbs, but still enjoy carbs

When I lost 20lbs. I seriously restricted my carbs. What I did was exclude any starchy carbs and replace them with healthier alternatives like almonds, peanuts, sugar snap peas, carrots, popcorn, or whatever protein I could get my hands on.

Here was what I was thinking…

…we have control over maybe 90% of our diet and eating lifestyle. The other 10% is when we go out to eat with family and friends. This 10% we do not have dietary control over. We should enjoy time with them and be able to eat and drink whatever we want. We’ve all been out with someone who is dieting or not drinking in order to lose weight. These people suck! They’re boring and make you feel bad for stuffing your face.

So when you’re not out and you do have control over your diet (the 90%), then stay disciplined and stay away from carbs. During the 10%, enjoy life, enjoy carbs.

In fact, this should be you (fast forward to: 33 if you don’t like Step Brothers)…

So keep it simple, a healthy diet to lose weight should be based on three things…

  • Low Carbs
  • High Protein
  • Good Glycemic Index FoodsAn Easy Diet To Follow

A healthy diet to lose weight should be easy.  You shouldn’t have to count calories or stress about what you’re eating for every meal.

Like I stated above, cutting back on complex carbs is a great place to start.  To take it a step further, eat more protein.  In fact, try to eat a source of protein for every meal or snack.  If that means drinking a protein shake or eating a protein bar, do it.  Invest some time and money into supplementing your diet with both protein shakes and bars, it will make losing weight much easier.

Furthermore, keep it simple.  Remember what you learned when you were a kid…you are what you eat.

If you eat good, healthy foods like vegetables, you’ll be good and healthy.  If you eat like crap, you’ll look and feel like crap.  So keep that in mind as much as possible, a healthy diet to lose weight should be simple, not complicated.


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