Fun Ways to Exercise and Lose Weight Exercising



There’s no way to get around it; the key to successful weight loss is to lose weight exercising. Exercising should become part of a person’s lifestyle and ought to become an activity that is sought out and looked forward to every week. Individuals, who want to know how to lose stomach fat fast, need to be aware of some of the best exercises to do so. Let’s discuss several examples that can be used below.

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is a specialized form of the popular cardiovascular workout. The workout is performed using a platform for stepping up and down. People can benefit from this form of exercise because it doesn’t require any more specialized equipment than the platform and it can be performed at any time. Fast stepping leads to fast weight loss and people will lose stomach fat fast. The real advantage of this exercise is that it is also just plain fun!


Swimming is another exercise that offers a low impact method and it exercises the entire body. Of course, swimming laps will burn the most calories and fat as well as condition the legs, arms, shoulders and glutes. Racing is sure to make the most out of this workout as it forces the heart to beat faster and the lungs to gain strength. Swimming is also an excellent way for injured people to remain active while they recuperate. Almost everyone enjoys swimming, so it is often used to break into an exercise program. It allows for a gradual increase in intensity, and is fun.


A lot of people don’t think of dancing as exercise, but it really is. Just take a look out on the dance floor the next time you visit your local dance club and see how many people are not sweating (my guess, very few). Not only is it one of the oldest and most fundamental of human activities, but it’s also the most universal of exercises because it is adaptable to just about everyone—young and old. Dancing is not only healthy, but it makes people happy. Happy people do more dancing, so it’s a win-win situation.

Vigorous dances have the same effect on heart rate and breathing as running does. The circulation benefits are amazing and the action decreases blood pressure, which goes a long way towards preventing vascular disease. People who dance regularly also tend to sleep better. Sleep is important for weight loss as it is for every physiological process.


Walking is another activity that isn’t considered formal exercise, when nothing could be further from the truth. Physiologists have conclusively shown why more walking is of benefit to everyone, especially when compared to not walking much at all. To lose weight exercising with walking, you will need to make your “gait” quite vigorous but the numbers don’t lie; the health benefits are numerous. Plus, it has been shown to decrease chances for the onset of type 2 diabetes, a disease that is detrimental to any weight loss program.

Elliptical Workouts

Home elliptical machines are a popular choice to losing weight via exercising. Users tend to like the fact that they can listen to music or catch up on favorite television shows while exercising. They also have several advantages over more traditional treadmills. Although both exert the same force, the elliptical machine is less stressful on the joints and back thus making it a lower impact form of exercise. The machines also have moving handles that function much like ski poles, which provides exercise for the arms. They also allow for backpedaling, which provides an opportunity to exercise the calf and lower leg muscles. Treadmills are limited to forward motion. Anyone using these machines should take care to maintain proper posture and not to lean on the poles in order to derive the maximum calorie-burning benefit.

Use It And Lose It!

One does not have to set aside huge blocks of time to exercise. Even short bursts of time are beneficial. The exercises listed above can be used spontaneously or as part of planned exercise routine. Just choose to at least try some (or all) of these exercises and then keep track of some of your body metrics (i.e. weight and other body measurements).  By noting these along with exercise times and foods eaten during that day, a person gains encouragement when they are exercising to lose weight. No matter how it is accomplished though, exercise should be a life-long and enjoyable activity.

Just go easy because you might actually start to LIKE it and want to do more and more (insert smile)!



source: Fun Ways to Exercise and Lose Weight Exercising