A Quick Way To Lose Weight



If you’re interested in how to lose water weight, continue reading. It may be an effective method to lose a few extra pounds, but it comes with risks.

You May Actually Gain Weight if You Stop Drinking Water Cold Turkey

If you’re trying to lose water weight and have thought of limiting your water intake, don’t. At least, not yet. Losing water weight the correct way is a little more complicated than just cutting out water and fluids completely. In fact, if you stop drinking water or fluids cold turkey, your body compensates by retaining water. It’s a natural, self preservation method the body uses to help prevent dehydration.

Lose Sodium, Lose Water

A more effective method to lose water weight it to restrict your sodium intake. The more sodium you eat, the more water you will hold. Water and sodium go hand in hand. The more sodium you consume, the more your body needs to hold water to counteract the sodium increase. This is a complicated physiologic/endocrine response based on something called the renin-angiotensin and aldosterone system (stuff I learned and long since forgot in college). But the bottom line is that the more salt you eat, the more water you will hold.

However, even limiting your sodium intake to 1,500 mg or less each day will not result in extreme water or weight loss. The most you might lose limiting your sodium intake would be 3-4 pounds within a few days. The problem with this is that it is not sustainable. It’s difficult to restrict your diet to 1500 mg of sodium or less, and furthermore, you can only lose so much water before your body says no more. Restricting your sodium intake and water excessively will lead to headaches, fatigue, and possibly more serious side effects. Therefore, any attempt to lose water weight must be a short term solution to weight loss.

If you want to learn how to lose water weight, it must be a short term solution. For example, you need so shed a few pounds prior to a vacation where you will be showcasing your new body in a bathing suit. Or just prior to a wedding, when you need to look stunning in your dress. Once these events take place, or you’re comfortable with the water weight you have lost, resume normal fluid intake as soon as possible.

Also, do not bother with over the counter diuretics. They were not intended for weight loss, and can end up causing you more harm than good.

To Lose Water Weight, Do What The Pros Do

Both amateur and professional bodybuilders are experts at sculpting their bodies to perfection. Back in college I frequently worked out with some guys who were really into competitive bodybuilding. They taught me a lot about working out, and how to eat right to build muscle, lose weight, lose fat, and water weight. Prior to their competitions they all followed the same routine to lose water weight, the final frustrating extra pounds that would set them over the top of their competition.

Here’s A Blueprint The Experts Use For How To Lose Water Weight

To lose water weight correctly, you must use the right combination of water and sodium intake. Doing this correctly may result in 8-10 pounds of water loss in seven days.


  • Seven days out from your “event” (wedding, bathing suit, etc.), drink a minimum of a gallon of water.
  • Seven days prior to your event and up to 3 days before, increase from one to two gallons of water.
  • Three days prior to your event eliminate all sugar, carbs, and begin limiting your sodium to 1000 mg or less.
  • Two days prior increase water to three gallons. Continue limiting sugar, carbs, and sodium.
  • The last day before your event, eliminate all solid foods. Difficult, I know, but it pays off.
  • Stop drinking water about 17 hours prior to your event.

You’ll continue urinating for awhile even after you stop drinking water. This is normal, your body is just getting rid of all that excess water. What you have accomplished with this routine is manipulating your body’s sodium/water ratio to promote maximum water excretion.

This technique is an extreme example of how to lose water weight. Use at your own risk, and remember to rehydrate as soon as possible once your “event” is complete or you can’t take the fatigue anymore.



source: A Quick Way To Lose Weight