Swedish Beauty Products



Getting that ideal tan at tanning salons can get expensive. You may be disappointed with bad results and cannot risk sitting in the tanning bed again. This is where Swedish Beauty products come in. This company has an entire line of dark tanning products that accelerate your skin’s ability to tan. Continue reading to learn more about these unique products.

The idea of tanning at salons may see a little ritzy but more and more people are choosing salons over tanning at the beach. This is because your skin is exposed to less UV rays than the sun but you get the same tanning results. The more you visit the salon, the deeper your tan will become over time. Some people want darker results in less time but do not want to risk being exposed to UV rays for too long or cannot afford more visits.

Swedish Beauty products target this audience of the reluctant tanners. Their tanning products are made to induce a tan in less time. Some tanning lotions use interesting ingredients in some of their products to improve moisture levels in your skin and achieve quality tanning. With the exception of tanning ingredients, this company uses natural ingredients such as green tea, yogurt extracts, carrot oil, and hemp seed oil. If you are unfamiliar with using these lotions for tanning, consult an employee at the tanning salon. These products are not sold in stores so you will have to purchase them from tanning salons. Before you try them out, here is some more information about the products and what you can expect from them.

That Tingling Sensation

You may be surprised when you first use Swedish Beauty products. You will have an unusual tingle that will spread over your entire body. Tanning lotions such as Swedish Beauty usually have a tingling sensation to them. The tingling is a sure sign that biothermal microcirculation has occurred, allowing you skin to receive more rays and improves your tanning ability. This sensation is an indicator of when you are ready to tan.

Swedish Beauty Products usually have tingle ratings, from the very mild 1 to the invigorating 30. Makers of tingling tanning lotions recommend that new tanner should start simple. Start with the lowest tingle degree in order to achieve a base tan. Progress slowly through 2, 3 and so on, until you have built multiple layers of a rich tan. After a certain level, you can continue to progress if you enjoy an intensified tingling sensation. If you are uncomfortable with the tingle, you can purchase the same products without the extra sensation.

Take Caution When You Tan Indoors

Now that you know about great tanning lotions, make sure you take precautions when you start indoor tanning. Make sure the salon is licensed and has not had any lawsuits or mishaps. Limit the time you spend in the tanning bed. Though tanning beds are considered less harmful than direct sun rays, you could still get skin cancer. Doctors advise against using salons but if you must tan, do not stay in the tanner for too long. Using Swedish Beauty products will add more hydration to your skin and deepening the skin’s ability to tan. This deepening action exposes more skin to tanning and could result in too much damage. Start off slowly. Use the mildest lotion so that you can get used to using it. Try a high level tingle lotion on a beginner might be painful. Take all of these warnings into consideration before you decide to get that year round tan.



source: Swedish Beauty Products