Professional Beauty Products



There’s a reason you feel spoiled after a day at the salon. For anywhere around twenty minutes to a full day, you are completely pampered and polished by professionals paid to do nothing but make you look and feel your best. Unless you have a small stable of personal assistants and stylists in your employ, it’s rather difficult to achieve that feeling at home. But professional beauty products can get you pretty close.

Professional beauty products, thus named because of their use by professional stylists, are also readily available to consumers for their own home use. Once upon a time, this was only possible through the salons themselves or exclusive, cosmopolitan boutiques: but today, many professional product lines have expanded to mall counters, boutique chains and, of course, the Internet. Beauty aids that were once only available in Paris or Japan are now available world-wide, brought to your mailbox for a reasonable shipping fee. The products may not come with their own complementary professional stylists, but the process is nothing if not convenient.

Everything at your preferred salon, from the shampoo in your hair stylists palm to the aromatherapy candles on the counter, can be yours with just the click of a mouse. If your heart – or skin, or hair, or nose – is stuck on a certain professionally used brand, type it into an Internet search engine and see what pops up. If the brand has its own official Website, this is probably the most dependable venue through which you can purchase the beauty product online. However, there are many other reputable Websites that act as catch-all for beauty brand names – online malls, if you will, devoted exclusively to professional beauty products. Ask around if you’re unsure about purchasing from a particular site, and don’t forget to print out your receipts. Also, keep your options and browser windows open: many Websites fill up their inventories with professional beauty products purchased bulk or wholesale, which they can sell online at dramatically reduced prices and still make quite a profit. Shopping for professional beauty products online can have all the benefit of a big sale with none of the long lines or irritated shoppers.

Professional beauty products are thought by many to be, as a rule, much more costly than products available at the local drug store or supermarket. This is generally true; but as the adage says, you get what you pay for. Professional beauty products are frequently more expensive than less upscale beauty products for three reasons: the ingredients tend to be of better quality and/or very unique; the ad campaigns tend to vary quite expensively from the usual 30-second TV spots and coupon-laced fliers; and, finally because discerning shoppers are willing to pay more for a professionally used beauty product. The label of a professional beauty product carries with it the seal of approval of the stylists who choose to use the product in their work; to associate their own name with the one on the bottle or jar. The professional stylists who use the product want to ensure that their work is only improved by the given make-up, shampoo, or lotion, etc., they are using. Therefore, a professional beauty product comes with a letter of recommendation that no drug store lip gloss could attain.

This isn’t to say you should throw out your cherry-flavored generic tube of gloss yet, if that’s what you like. The point of beauty products is to pamper yourself, experiment and shop around. Augment your old favorites with something new, something professional, something chic; and feel like a million beautiful bucks. Don’t worry, you’ll have spent far less than that.



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