Vegetarian Diets To Lose Weight



What compelled me into trying vegetarian diets to lose weight was the thought that people who are into this do not eat anything that has a mother. I was touched by it and it really made me look at my food differently. I mean I used to eat pork, but now I can no longer put it in my mouth thinking that its mother may be looking where has its baby gone to. I am not sure if everyone who is into this thing thinks the same. This was only told to me by a friend who can no longer take my addiction to meat. I used to think that I could survive a lifetime even without vegetables, but I cannot last a day without eating meat.

Different Me

Now that I already have started learning and slowly adapting this diet plan, I am actually loving the process. I am slowly getting there. I still have bits and pieces of meat every now and then, but I do say sorry to their mothers in silence. I don’t want my system to get shocked why all of a sudden I am supplying it with mostly healthy stuff.

Still Learning About Vegetarian Diets To Lose Weight

This kind of diet includes plants, but is not limited to vegetables because you can also consume fruits, seeds, grains and nuts. Instead of types this is classified according to the person’s eating patterns. For example, the lacto vegetarian pertains to those who eat plants and dairy products. If eggs are included, this is then referred to as the lacto-ovo vegetarian. The true vegans are those who completely avoid anything that has been gotten from animals, including honey. There are also pescatarians who include seafood and fish into their diet and raw foodists who only consume raw ingredients, such as vegetables and fruits.

Following The Steps Of Known Individuals

The list of popular people who are following and tried this kind of diet is long. It feels great to belong to in the list where former US President Bill Clinton, singers Alanis Morissette and Avril Lavigne, among so many others, are included. This serves as an inspiration to get going even though there are lots of temptations with the numerous fast food corners that surround me.

More About Vegetarian Diets To Lose Weight

I am proud to say that in my quest to shape up, I am also succumbing to a healthier lifestyle by eating the kind kinds of food. I am aware though that I am also depriving myself of the nutrients that can be obtained from foods that I am no longer eating. For this reason, I am more conscious on the vitamin and nutrient contents of the ingredients that I am taking. This way, I know that even though I no longer eat meat, my body still gets a good dose of essential elements such as calcium, iron and vitamin B12.

Just like in any kinds of diet, vegetarian diets to lose weight need a good dose of patience, control and determination that for as long as you stay focused, it will be easy to attain your desired body form.



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