Tips on Proper Online Flirting



Flirting online is an art that everyone who is dating online must practice. Online Dating offers a lot of chances to communicate with anyone around the globe. Because of the wonders of cyberspace, everything is easily connected with just a few clicks – dating included. Here are some tips that you need that will help you increase your chances on your prospect dates online.

  1. Create a decent screen name. Before you proceed to flirting with him/her, you might want to check on your screen name first. Always remember that screen name is just as important as it mirrors the how your chat mate will view you. Make sure to keep your screen name simple, creative and decent, not sexual!
  2. Learn how to compliment. It’s always a plus point for every men and women to receive some compliments when flirting But be sure not to go overboard with giving him or her compliment, you might sound too obsessive.
  3. Check your grammar and spelling. When flirting online, no one is excused from misspelled words and wrong grammar so before you press enter, you might want to spell-check first and proofread.
  4. Be careful of acronyms and emoticons. A few smiles here and there may be necessary but be careful in putting it on your messages. Use emoticons such as wink, smiling, large grin, or tongue out for an added flirting move! As for the acronyms, however, while LOL is acceptable for most of the time, it is still best to just express it and spell out confusing acronyms.
  5. Keep the conversation alive. When a conversation is becoming a little too serious, boring or, intense, men and women tend to veer away as soon as they could. Make sure that what you talk about during flirting online is something that both of you are interested in. Ask him/her about the things that he/she likes to do and create a conversation from there.
  6. Give him or her a laugh. Having even a bit of sense of humor is important when flirting You don’t need to be Will Ferrell or Jack Black to give her a chuckle or two, but sense of humor is one powerful way to seduce flirting men and women online!
  7. Give him or her names. Popular nicknames such as “sweetie”, “pretty girl” and “handsome” are just some of the nicknames you can use when flirting It may be a bit cheesy using these pet names but it is a plus point for people flirting online.
  8. Do not sound so sexual. Flirting online is all about having fun and getting to know your prospect dates so make sure not to sound aggressive and sexual, especially if you’re interested in having a serious relationship with the person and you know that he or she is not into “that.”
  9. Avoid being a drama queen/king. While flirting online can be fun and easy, be prepared to get dumped as well and don’t get discouraged. Keep in mind that you can’t please everyone all the time so just breathe and move on to the next.
  10. Be just yourself. Nothing is much worse than chatting with someone who is a faker and player. Be just yourself and no one else. Flirting online is fun, you don’t need to pretend you are someone else.



source: Tips on Proper Online Flirting