Popular handbags spring 2016


Often, each of us eyes light up when we see the boutique stylish and fashionable handbags. Few will be able to just walk past and not buy a favorite, for example, a handbag by Versace or else Lanvin. If you are not yet familiar new collection of handbags from famous designers, then discuss the latest trends.


Bag – the bag

It is necessary to note that this kind of handbags will be relevant and this spring. Some fashionista are already fed up with a few, but the famous Bottega Veneta offered on his show in Milan large number of excellent “valises.” With regards to colors, it will be fashionable classic colors.


Bag – shopper

Naturally this kind of bag will appeal to those who like long shopping trips. Excellent roomy bag – shopper gives you the opportunity to shop from the comfort of girls and easy to move around the various boutiques. These bags can be seen in the collections of the brand Bottega Veneta, Valentino or Versace.

Popular bag – bag

So, in 2016, will be the actual bag. This option is more suitable bags for the coming summer, because it can put a lot of different things, for example, beach flip flops, tennis shoes, rollers and otherwise.

Bag – Saddle

This spring Bag – Saddle dazzled in the collection of famous brand Emilio Pucci. Fashion designers have chosen for his show in Milan in 2016 the most current colors, namely wine, strawberry ice and custard. Please note that this bag will be a wonderful option plan for fashionista who appreciate individuality.

Unusual Handbags 

If we talk about the fans “is not such a thing as the others,” then they will love the options handbags from Celine. It is also considered as the original bag – Sling tweed proposed brand Chanel. Another interesting option is the bag – trapeze from Fendi, to which is attached a cute cocktail bag with chain.

Actual bags Handheld

Leadership positions this spring will also be hold bag Handheld, namely the option to carry in your hand. This bag comes with a high-grade handles, as well as a certain size, but only worn in the hand and not otherwise. Handheld variety of bags can be seen in the collections of Roberto Cavalli and Versace.

Flat bags

If you are a true fashionista, you know that for several years gaining popularity bags – folder. Of course, it is their chosen business ladies, as well as business – and fans vomen office style. It should be noted that this spring bag such definitely changed, namely it handles designers added. Interesting new bag – folder suggested Celine, Lanvin and Versace.

Bag on the chain

Trend handbags spring 2016 is a bag chain. Thus, the bag may have such a handle in the form of a chain or sequence of chains with the same wheel. Typically, these models will be a wonderful and intricate accessories, as well as complement the evening together.