Seventeen Concealed Hotel Charges



  1. Airport shuttle

Before you imagine that shuttle from the airport to your hotel is free of charge, you will have to make sure that some hotels are starting to charge a fee for this typically admirable service.

  1. Bellhop/housekeeper gratuities

It is called as service charge or service fee. This cost can be charged per day or per stay and it wraps up gratuities for bellhops and maintenance staff. Beware about this charge particularly if you’re traveling with a gathering or large group.

  1. Munchies

You have got to be careful while touching with gracious bottle of water which the hotel has left on your desk, because it might well cost you up to $5. The munchies will be consisted of cold drinks, beverages, colas, cookies, pizzas, fruits, etc. If you are feeling something doubt about, call at the front desk before involving in the case.

  1. Cessation

By assuming that you can terminate your reservation a day or two before you arrive, read your hotel’s cessation guidelines watchfully and carefully because you could be ticked off charge of a night’s stay or something like that.

  1. Checking in and out

Have your travel policies distorted, because a few hotels would charge you a fee for checking in the early hours or checking out belatedly.

  1. Energy surcharge

In an endeavor to leave behind increasing energy costs on to clients, many hotels currently attach energy surcharges of quite a few dollars a day onto their guests’ bills.

  1. Groundskeeping fee

If your resort has acres of thriving lawns, gardens or golf grounds, beware as you can be balanced with bill in form of a groundskeeping surcharges.

  1. In-room safety

A number of hotels are charging guests $1 – $3 just for the opportunity of having a safety in their room, even if it’s not at all opened. The fee by all accounts covers both the cost of safety and insurance for its contents.

  1. Internet

Many hotels especially those serving business traveling people offering high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi accesses. Costs differ widely, while many hotels propose complimentary Internet accesses, charge per minute, and charge per day. Therefore, you will have to be confident enough to ask before logging on.

  1. Luggage holding fee

While staying on a hotel for quite a few hours, you will have to pay for the services of luggage which you are holding at the hotel.

  1. Minibars

There are some different fees associated with minibars even if you don’t eat at all or drink any of the goodies inside. Picking up an item and putting it back could set off the minibar’s sensors at once adding the price of the item to your bill. On susceptible machines, even manhandling minibar items you add your individual food to the fridge can sustain a charge. And if you try to avoid of the bother exclusively by calling to the front desk hotel staff and asking the minibar to be unfilled before your arrival, so beware as you could be charged an “unstocking” fee.

  1. Packages

A number of hotels charge $1 to $25 to mail packages for their guests with similar fees to receive packages. These fees can be different based upon the size or number of packages.

  1. Parking

Obligatory dry-clean parking can straightforwardly add on $25 a day on the cost of your city center hotel which don’t forget you the tip.

  1. Resort fee

This ever-present surcharge by and large runs between $10 and $25 per day and could cover a wide range of services and amenities like a business center, a pool, a gym, daily newspaper delivery, housekeeping or “free” local calls.

  1. Taxes and local charges

Taxes are the common surcharges for travelers, but there are some concessionary surcharges which are to be payable for the local building projects or tourism marketing efforts. Hotels regularly bypass these obligatory charges instantly from the local government.

  1. Telephone charges

Before picking up the receiver, carefully read the hotel’s list of telephone charges. Some hotels charge to local and toll-free calls, while others don’t. You could intermittently be charged merely for dialing even your call is not connected at all.

  1. Towels surcharges

An extra towel at the pool would cost you an extra dollar or two especially when you bring it back to your room.



source: Seventeen Concealed Hotel Charges