Pencil Skirt fashion on Wright Brothers Day 2016



Last week we discussed the “school” bag Cambridge Satchel Bag , captivated the fashion world due to the fact that once it was made ​​in color.
Our today’s heroine – a pencil skirt, too, has come a long way and has gone through many changes in its history. Invented almost by accident, she became one of the central components of the women’s business wardrobe, making the image of its owner bright and elegant.


In 1908, Ms. Berg was lucky enough to become the first woman to fly aboard the plane. “Fathers of Aviation” brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright flying over, noticed that a long and fluffy skirt Mrs. Berg can easily create an emergency situation: while the passenger seat has been inseparable from the working mechanisms of the aircraft. They had no choice but to tie a rope skirt women just above the ankles. This moment was the beginning of a pencil skirt. Photos of Mrs. Berg and brothers Wright published in newspapers in different countries, and ladies all over the world could not help but pay attention to the interesting transformation of the usual skirt. It has not gone away from the famous French designer Paul Poiret, who decided to invent a whole new style called “lame skirt.” And if you walk in it really was not that good, the female silhouette acquired harmony and finesse. Incidentally, it was “lame” skirt became the prototype of the evening, “Mermaid”, is incredibly popular in Hollywood.

First pencil skirt designed by none other than Christian Dior in 1940. In many ways, this invention was inspired by the atmosphere of World War II.
Updated “lame skirt” became shorter and narrower, allowing women to work with much more comfort. To make the skirt more functional and comfortable, the back was designed by a small incision under the name “slot.”

In 1950-60h’s pencil skirt becomes a favorite thing of celebrities of the time. This business card and Marilyn Monroe, who loved to wear this model, along with shirts and pullovers, creating a sexy silhouette. It is in a pencil skirt for the first time appears heroine Monroe Darling in the film “Some Like It Hot” and instantly produces a furor. A logical extension of this model, pencil dress, wore Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Over time, the length of the pencil skirt is shorter, and the color – brighter. It is worn with big leather jackets and colorful leggings, and shades and prints most skirts can be very different, for example, metal, leopard or snake.

From what to wear pencil skirt?

When you wear this model works one rule: the more modest skirt looks, the more interesting it is to be the top and vice versa. Looks especially good play on the contrast, especially if you choose a skirt of dark shades. This can be a blouse with an interesting pattern or a bright jacket, turtleneck.
Speaking of shoes, then truly a win-win for the pencil skirt – this stilettos that visually make the figure more slender.

Pencil skirt, coming from a strict business style, no longer limited by the scope of the office. Date, a walk, meeting with friends – the right kind pencil skirt would be appropriate to look in almost any situation, and its form-fitting silhouette emphasize all the advantages.


source: Pencil Skirt fashion on Wright Brothers Day 2016