Manicures winter Fashion 2016



Perhaps no modern girl cannot imagine myself without a manicure. This is a litmus test of grooming and sense of style girls, so he should be given a lot of attention.

Besides, by means of bright manicure can accents in the image and enhance the beauty and elegance of female hands. In this article we try to figure out what trends in manicure expected in the new season.

Manicures neutral colors: fashion trend in 2016

For several consecutive seasons in fashion naturalness and natural beauty that could not affect the hip and manicure. So, the new season will be relevant in the first place, varnishes white and beige colors. White lovely addition to cleanliness is very convenient because it is convenient to create a variety of patterns and designs through the stencils.

Various stickers, decorative rhinestones and stones – it’s all true and will look beautiful on a white lacquered base. Beige lacquer same universal that fits into any outfit and is a great base for any jewelry and French manicure.

New items manicure: varnishes metallic shades

Metallic color from season to season is gaining more and more popularity. Shining metal true everywhere is both in clothes and shoes, and the manicure. That is gold, and silver, and bronze shades.

Also note the color metallic luster, it will also be fashionable next season. Stylists are advised to pay attention to the fact that if you are varnished nails dense in texture lacquered metallic, should stay away from other accessories for hands like rings and bracelets, as otherwise you can look vulgar.

If translucent lacquer, but with a metallic sheen, you can safely put on your favorite jewelry. It should be noted that the metal nail looks best on medium length nails square or semi-circular shape.

Fashionable matte nail polish winter 2016

Matte varnishes are incredibly popular in the next season, so fashionistas must always take them interesting. The Internet has already appeared quite a number of workshops on how to make plain, glossy matte varnish. However, we do not advise you to take risks and spend your valuable time.

The stores have a host of ready-matt varnish, which will satisfy even the most discerning taste, as are available in a variety of color palettes. Especially, varnishes purchased more stable and rich in color.

Keep in mind that before you make up your nails matte finish, they must be put in perfect order, as the matte surface emphasizes and makes explicit all the flaws and irregularities of the nail plate.

Almost on a par with matte and satin are popular varnishes being too dull, yet have easy mobility. Remarkably, these lacquers give an interesting game on the shades that looks very noble and beautiful.

Trendy creative manicure 2016: varnishes unusual shades

Special attention should be paid to lacquers unusual shades. Last season, as can be seen, were fashionable berry and caramel shades. Today stylists strongly recommend to pay more attention to the colors like blue orange, yellow, green, purple and green. And so bright shades will be welcomed on the nails not only young girls, but also quite mature women.

A lover of shocking the public attention is drawn to the neon, the so-called acid hues that will be visible from almost a kilometer away. But, of course, quite a manicure is not suitable for a business meeting or going to work in the office. Just look at the photo above, wherein the coating of varnish forms sand. This season hit Limoni brand produced a series of Sandy Beach – applied as a regular decorative lacquer. After drying, they form on the surface of the nail texture consisting of many tiny grains of sand. They are very impressive and stylish.



source: Manicures winter Fashion 2016