Fashionable summer dresses 2016



Fashionable summer dresses 2016. What to buy for the summer?

Weather every day is getting warmer on the doorstep – Her Highness Spring, and it’s time to think about how to change the boring over the winter jeans and sweaters to light summer dress. Dresses are very feminine, they are best emphasized tenderness and fragility of the female figure. Unfortunately, many women refuse to dress in favor of practical, but boring trousers and T-shirts. However, a girl who wants to stand out from the crowd, you cannot do without a fashionable dress or sundress.


What dress will be fashionable this summer? This question can be answered, because all the major fashion weeks have ended, and the latest trends for Spring-Summer 2016 defined. The motto of the women’s fashion this year is femininity. Lush or flowing skirts, deep neckline, fitted silhouette – that’s what distinguishes fashion dress this summer. Fashion designers offer us to put on stylish and romantic dresses of silk and chiffon, to demonstrate their sexuality in provocative lacy dresses or play with a flirty semi-transparency.

Fashion models and styles of summer dresses

After a long winter, it likes lightness and brightness. Designers understand this. That is why the fashion shows were so many bright colored fabrics and intricate prints. The main color of the summer is a cheerful yellow. It looks very nice on tanned skin and is particularly suitable brown-haired and brunettes. Fair-haired young ladies are more suitable marine hues. This year’s fashion all shades of blue from indigo to turquoise. No less relevant shades of red and green. And, of course, the trend remains the most elegant summer colors – classic white.
The most fashionable floral print can be considered. This figure is used in their collections Prada, Dior and Versace. A riot of tropical flora is the best suited for summer dresses. Pay attention to the cheerful polka-dot pattern, as well as a strip of sea, which this year should be broad. Ethnic prints this season are inspired by South America and the mysterious Mayan culture. As styles and models, the selection is extremely large. We tried to choose only the most current trends.

Light summer dresses

Chiffon – an absolute favorite this summer. Light flying dresses from translucent fabrics were present in almost every collection. The finest fabrics allow you to play with multi-layer – at the spring shows were a lot of seductive models of multiple layers of chiffon. An interesting variant is a dress with two skirts. Lower short skirt made of thick fabric originally combined with crystal clear upper skirt to the floor. Very aristocratic look “Greek” dresses with high waistline and draperies. They emphasize the breasts, visually lengthen the legs and hide imperfections in the abdomen and thighs – in short, it’s almost the perfect summer dress!

Knitted Summer Dresses

Fine-knit, lace, lace and macrame will be the most fashionable part of the coming summer. Dresses with lace or crocheted items should be in every girl’s closet. For the rest of the sea, designers offer extremely bold patterns – completely transparent fishnet knit mini dress. They are worn over a leotard. Of course, for a city this style will not work. But the dress cover, decorated with guipure, or dress with lace inserts-Richelieu will be very useful.

Summer Evening Dresses

Evening dresses are different from the dresses in casual style more intricate cut and luxurious finish. However, in many respects evening fashion trend repeats daily. This season will be relevant light long dresses made of thin fabrics. Welcome asymmetry and finish sequins and sparkles. Traditionally, evening dresses chosen plain fabrics, but now quite acceptable and flower, and “animal” theme in the drawings, and even a combination of both. Luxurious and seductive look dress shades of powder, decorated with feathers or light transparent sequins. For cocktail parties, designers are advised to choose a short shift dress, tight embroidered with sequins, paillettes and sequins, lace with a shiny thread and lace.

Summer dresses for complete

Many women find complete disadvantage. However, it may be worth, if choose the right dress. This summer, designers are offered a variety of models suitable for full girls, very smart for the curvy figure look classic shift dress with wide sleeves, kimono sleeves, and wings that extend up to the elbow. A more relaxed option – dress with a skirt A-shaped silhouette adorned with fashionable this summer ruffles or flounces. Big tits at all times was considered beautiful, and full of girls need to emphasize it, not hide. Therefore, they should choose dresses with V-neck. On the stage, you could see a lot of suitable dresses with a high waist, neckline and long skirt. Just look like beautiful dresses, made of thin fabric with a pattern of flowers. Complete ideal dresses with asymmetrical details – for example, Greek costumes, baring one shoulder. The asymmetry of distracting is attention from the extra volume.



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