What Foods Make Us Healthy?


For good health, the foods included in the daily food intake pyramid should be part of one’s diet. But how do you know which food is the best and the amount of food you have to eat? What foods make us healthy? The answers to these questions must suit individual needs. What’s healthy for me may not be healthy for you. Each person has different nutritional needs. Likewise, the level of calorie consumed varies from one person to another.

We can look closely into several good foods and suggest certain formulas to ensure optimal health. What foods make us healthy? On the average, a person needs two to four servings of fruits, six to 11 servings of grains, two to three servings of meats, three to five servings of vegetables, two to three servings of milk, and just the right amount of water. Aside from the right amount of food, a person on the average needs an hour of exercise daily.

This formula can work for all people regardless of age—whether for a 15-year-old girl or an 80-year-old man. The recommended daily calorie intake is broad and unclear like the food pyramid. Since the recommendations are not specific, a person can decide for himself or herself the kind and amount of food that will maintain good health. Also, it is up to the person how to implement his or her diet plan.

The calorie requirement differs according to age and gender, according to the guidelines published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. So how do you know the amount of calorie you need? It is advised that you make a journal where you record your daily calorie intake for one month. Also, take note of your weight every day. If your weight did not increase during the one-month period, then it means you are consuming your recommended calorie level to maintain your weight. The next thing you have to do is to ask a nutritionist about the amount of vitamins and minerals that you need. Once you have the information regarding your recommended calorie level and nutritional needs, use the food pyramid to come up with an ideal combination of foods. This combination should help you accomplish the recommended daily food intake. That is how you can make a healthy eating plan that is perfect for you.

The foods to be included in the diet plan would depend on the distinct guideline you have just set. Because your diet plan is designed for your needs, it will not work for others. At this point, it appears that we lack the direction to complete what the government has started. Perhaps, we should integrate these healthy diet techniques into a course to be taught at school. This will perhaps give young people the knowledge and tools to start eating healthy, make it a permanent habit, and pass it along to their future kids.

Understanding what foods make us healthy is as easy as learning our multiplication tables. You just need to memorize the foods you have to eat and include them into your daily intake. And of course, do not forget that exercise is just as important in keeping our bodies fit and healthy.


source: What Foods Make Us Healthy?