Fashionable jewelry in 2016



That decoration is round off the chosen image. Graceful and massive, bright plastic and created from precious metals, classic and exotic – they make their owner a stylish and unique. And also make it easy to find a reason to talk shy, but this sweet young man! “What you have the original bracelet. What do these characters on it? “- You will surely come up with the answer yourself. And our review of fashionable novelties allows very fast to make a choice: that of the decorations of the season 2016 is right for you? Let’s see!


Thin and long fingers with perfect manicure look particularly tender and limp if they burden the ring with a large stone, a scattering of small-Stars rhinestones or original signet. Pictured ring Oscar De La Renta.

Young fashionista will love the rings with crystals Swarovski, variegation which makes them suitable for almost any outfit color.

Did you know?

The most fashionable and, incidentally, the most expensive in the world machined from a single diamond. Famous speech about “The World‘s First Diamond Ring “, created by Shawish, – its price is 70 million USD Lovely woman, this ring has no acquired. And soon the New Year!


Hit of the season are big earrings. Their love movie stars: they emphasize how delightfully graceful curve of the neck, as fervently, competing with radiance smile!

However, these earrings do not fit all: they are able to emphasize the chin and round face. And also cause redness sensitive earlobes due to heavy enough weight. Designers have provided and it offered a choice of classic “cloves”. They likewise have an original – as an example, consider earrings flowers Rigant, decorated with precious crystals Swarovski.


Exquisite layering is still at the peak of relevance. As spikes are trend of the season 2016:

However, designers do not give bored, and for lovers of romance in 2016 will be a breakthrough – jewelry created from lace, allow to looking stylish, gently and air.

You are not so romantic, but rock ‘n’ roll theme does not appeal? And what about the original exotics – wide bracelets, carved out of genuine leather?

A classic fan can highlight the fragility of the wrist via a bracelet chains, production of small beads or natural semi-precious stones:

Pendants and necklaces

Animal motifs, as we already know, are an essential element in modern dress fashion. Plastic, painted “leopard” is not for you? And why not try the original pendant – “snake” of amber?

For those who can afford more, jewelers have created an amazing suspension of gold and platinum:

A bohemian ladies sure like velvet ribbon of lace, shading exquisite pale skin:

Original jewelry can be the basis of the ensemble as well as emphasizing its elegance component. In the latter case it is important to have a sense of proportion – love of precious trinkets can sometimes play a bad joke with their owner. Golden will earrings and pendant. A maximum is almost the same.



source: Fashionable jewelry in 2016