Fashion Belts 2016



It is hard to imagine today’s female wardrobe without a beautiful and catchy strap. The once an accessory to trousers and jeans, belt today plays an important role in the dress, its unusual shape, finish or bright color emphasizing his individuality. carefully considered the proposed collection of leading brands and chose the main trends in the new seat spring-summer season.

Belt with snake print is one of the most popular of the early spring. In particular, it is very relevant to the black-and-white scheme, recognized by the main trend in March and April of 2016. Belt with snake print can be trimmed with shiny silver or gold-plated buckle, like Ekonika, Accessorize and Stella McCartney , as well as be completely designed in the shape of a snake wriggling along the waist, as vividly demonstrated by the house Roberto Cavalli. Belt with snake print suit is both the classic trouser, suit with a white shirt, and more relaxed version of the monochrome cocktail dress. Especially effective zone will look like in the style of clutch-minudera or sharp-nosed boats with the same print.

Belt-tail of soft leather or suede is the most popular style of the season. Colorful, like Ann Christine, Mango and Bottega Veneta, or in a more neutral black and chocolate, like Zara, Massimo Dutti, Gucci and H & M, this model of grace and jeans “boyfriend”, and a rustic dress with a floral print. On the trousers belt-pigtail successfully completed a large metal buckle, and the dress designers offer to wear narrow models, twisted along the waist in two or three turns. By the way, thinner straps, three times encircling the waist, can be worn and smooth, with an emphasis on bright colors and interesting finish buckle in the shape of a bow or butterfly.

Iridescent shades, decided to stay in fashion for a long time, of course, also reflected in the belts.


Belts fuchsia color, juicy lemon and sparkling turquoise outfit perfectly accentuate style kolorblok, creating an excellent alternative to a blocking tone shoes and clutches. Imagine a classic black dress, which is crowned by a thin strap fuchsia shade, which is presented in a new collection of Mexx , – outfit instantly filled with spring-happy mood.

Particularly impressive will look bright belts with a high gloss finish and large gold and silver buckles like Kira Plastinina, Zara, Benetton, Marc Cain, Gant, Econica, Accessorize, and many other street names.

Wide strap corset lace-up or “double” female strap with a wide base and a thin strap top, definitely, are increasingly found on the shift dress and trouser tandem with lush white shirt. Corset belt is not enough that perfectly underlines the waist and emphasizes the breasts, so also is often a great way to hide some figure flaws. Broad same model with attached on top of it a narrow belt on the buckle, like Maison Martin Margiela, Alaia, Haider Ackermann, Michael Kors, Giuseppe Zanotti and even Accessorize , looks great, and on top of leggings or skinny jeans, and visually lengthens the torso. In this case, the base and top of the belt can be composed from a mix of materials – designers often combine leather and suede, metal chains, woven materials, different texture and color.

New this spring collections in the belts and zones – a model with spiked metal inserts in the shock rocker style. While the shoes and clutches with these interesting rock accents in the last few months on the backburner, now in the palm trend intercepted just belts. Thin and thicker, black, white or colored (pink version with Valentino looks very relevant), belts with metal spikes and studs refresh traditional denim outfit and add intrigue chiffon black dress. Spikes can be metallic, glossy mirrored and gilded, like Miu Miu – a bright spring version is more appropriate in light cocktail dress or semi-transparent blouse.



source: Fashion Belts 2016