Making Your Visit To Singapore A Hassle-Free One



Singapore is similar to sauna – hot and timid. You should carry light summer clothing accordingly. Here you need casual clothes preferably made of natural fibers. This way your skin will breathe properly. Singapore is the place to have a wonderful gastronomic experience. It provides the best of cuisine of Malay, Thai, Indonesian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and herbal food. Generally hawker centers and vendors practice self service. Sharing table with the strangers is an accepted practice. In case you are eating with some Chinese, remember that chopsticks are not pointed at them or even left ‘standing’ in bowl. This is considered rude. Whenever you want to eat seafood, exact amount that would be charged should be checked before placing of order.

Singapore is the best place to enjoy tropical fruits particularly mangosteen, pomelo, durian, chiku, zirzat, buah duku and jeruk. The best time to visit Singapore is April as this month is full of feasting and use Makemytrip coupons to do so.

Travel Security Tips for Singapore

In Singapore the laws are enforced very strictly and people there are strict disciplinarian. Just one visit to Singapore will make you wish that laws were enforced the same way across the world. It is important that some of these are known to you too.

  • Import and sale of chewing gums is banned but possessing it in small quantity is not a crime. You may bring little quantity to chew.
  • If you litter around, you will get embarrassed. First timers are penalized $1000 and second timers $2000 and you will also be made to perform community services such as cleaning public services. Aim is to teach you a lesson so that same mistake is not repeated.
  • Spitting is not permitted. First timers are fined $1000 and repeat offenders are fined $2000.
  • Smoking is not permitted in public service vehicles, libraries, cinemas, theaters; air conditioned restaurants, lifts, museums, supermarkets, department stores, hair salons and government offices.
  • Do not forget to flush the public toilets after using it because you may otherwise be fined up to S$150 for first offence, S$500 for second offence and S$1000 for the subsequent offence.
  •   Number of speed trap cameras has been installed all over the island to check over speeding.
  • Do not be within 50 meters of the next pedestrian who is crossing the road. If you do, be ready to pay fine of S$50.
  • Fortunately it is illegal to urinate in the elevator.

Tips for Online Air Travel Singapore

  • Singapore has super efficient transport system for public. It has 15000 air conditioned taxis that are comfortable and inexpensive. You have to pay extra during the peak hours and advance booking. It has extensive bus network. Discount coupons for Travelguru can be very handy for booking hotel rooms.
  • You can get “air buses” to go straight to town from airport at reasonable rates. You can catch monorail Sky train which shuttles between two terminals from Changi Airport of Singapore. can be explored for latest travel discounts.
  • Mass Rapid Transport System is most stress-free and fastest way to get around Singapore.



source: Making Your Visit To Singapore A Hassle-Free One