Maine Mendoza got hurt after she was accidentally pushed by a fan, against a wall. MUST WATCH!

We all know for a fact that Maine Mendoza is one of the most popular stars in the showbiz industry. Her sudden fame after her unexpected pair up with Alden Richards seems to have no end.
Her number of fans is increasing as time flies. What’s even more surprising is that her fans are following her, everywhere she goes.
But it seems that her fans are sometimes, jumping off the walls and are going too far than being just a fan.
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A video of Maine Mendoza that was taken at a bayanihan is now circulating online and has been making the AlDub fans angry because of what her fans did.
In the video, Maine was pushed by a fan who wanted to take a selfie with her. She was pushed so hard that she bumped into the wall. You can clearly see it in her eyes that she was shocked.
The netizens are now getting mad at the one who pushed Maine by saying that she did that on purpose and that it was intentional, while others got mad at Maine’s security, claiming that they aren’t doing their job.