Willie Revillame Was Rushed To The Hospital!

The WoWoWin host Willie Revillame spent his holiday in the hospital as he was confined.
According to the article of Cristy Fermin in bandera.inquirer.net, the host was immediately rushed to the hospital after having continuous high fever and coughing.
This was due to the stress that he got on the show. Extreme stress that he got after being so hands on in monitoring his show callled WoWoWin.
In the past few months, he wanted to keep the show going to bring happiness to the Filipino people. But his body could not take it anymore.
Before he got sick, he has a plan to take all of his production staff and crew in Tagaytay to spend the holidays.
Now, Willie is resting for a faster recovery. As soon as he feels okay, he will return to his work schedule.