5 Pinoy Stories That Will Inspire You!

There are several stories that have made rounds over the social media sites because of the inspiring lessons that they have brought to the people.
Here are the top 5 stories that surfaced the net:
1. Exhibit prepared for a homeless artist
5 Pinoy Stories That Will Inspire You!
The 45-year-old Jhalanie Matuan has a stage 3 kidney cancer who makes stunning artworks and sells it for P50.
An artist from A Space Manilafound out about his works and gave her a chance to display her artworks.
2. Barkada funds the tuition of their friend
5 Pinoy Stories That Will Inspire You!
Jan Ray Parayno is a graduating  student in Marikina Polytechnic College. But his father who was working in Saudi Arabia had an accident and there was no way that he could afford to fund his studies.
The close friends of him decided to donate and fund the initial payment of his tuition fee.
3. Retired professor continues teaching


5 Pinoy Stories That Will Inspire You!
Due to her old age, Leticia Desamito was forced to retire after serving for more than 40 years in the university.
Instead of just staying at home, she applied as a teacher in a Catholic school in her hometown.
She claims that she wanted to continue teaching.
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