Remains Of The Largest Creature That Walked On Earth Was Found In Argentina!

In the Mesozoic Era, a wide variety of creatures existed. They have lived in the planet millions of years ago. One of the creatures that existed were the dinosaurs.
There are theories that these creates were affected when the continents broke up. Their food supply and vegetation became low which resulted to their extinction.
Dr. Diego Pol and Dr. Jose Luis Carballido led their team in the excavation of the largest creature that ever walked on the surface of the earth.


This is called the Argentinosaurus. According to these experts, the creature weigh 100 tonnes and after the calculation it became 70 tonnes.


What they have discovered was the titan having a thigh bone of 20m tall and 60m long.
Although this creature is still unnamed, the experts claim that they will be naming it after the person who had the knowledge of the remains and the place it was discovered which is in a desert near La Flecah, Patagonia.