Jejomar Binay Was Spotted Driving A Cab In Indonesia? Must Read!

A group of friends were able to capture a footage of the cab driver who looks like the presidential aspirantJejomar Binay.
Rumors about him driving a cab in Indonesia immediately spread out like a wild fire. But none of these were true. It was just his look-alike that was spotted there.
According to the Facebook Cess Barcenas who posted the video, she and her friends spotted this driver while they were chanting the jingle of the ad campaign of Binay ‘Only Binay’.
There was also a post were Barcenas created a joke of the story that they met the Binay Cabbi Driver.
The taxi driver was even flashing a huge smile on his face as they were taking photographs inside the car.
Many people were amazed claiming that they really look alike. Some even joked that he might have forfeited from the presidential race and decided to have a part time job in Indonesia.
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