What to eatfor effectively preventingmotion sickness


When getting motion sickness, you can sip a small piece of fresh ginger, bread or biscuit to immediately soothe the nausea.
Travel by train or car on Tet holiday is really an obsession to many people. Moving on long distance causes motion sickness, tiredness and harms to your health. According to LiveStrong, you should prepare these following simple foods to more effectively avoid car sickness during the journey.
Fresh ginger
Ginger is a greatly effective cure for abdominal pain and helps soothe the nausea and dizziness caused by motion sickness.It is good for you to eat a little fresh ginger when you start to have signs of sickness. Additionally, you might drink ginger tea about 1 hour before departure in order to reduce the symptoms of nausea, abdominal pain and dizziness on car.
Biscuits, dry foods help reduce the amount of saliva and gastric juice. They can relievefeeling of nausea and discomfort ofmotion sickness. Please eat cookies before your trip starts and store extra bread to slightly ingest during the journey. You should choose your favorite flavors and avoid special tastes like chili, onions, garlic, etc., because they can worsen the symptoms of carsickness.
Fresh lemon peel may reduce signs of nausea, vomiting on moving by car and train. You can suck asmall piece to soothe the feeling of uneasiness. Moreover, the peel of orange or tangerine is probably superseded. Nonetheless, you are absolutely not permitted to eat sour fruit, or high-acid ones such as oranges, lemons before getting on train or car. The sour taste of these fruits will cause the nausea and harm to your stomach.
What to eatfor effectively preventingmotion sickness
Bread helps prevent motion sickness effectively because it stimulate pancreas to secret trypsin. The metabolism between this yeast and amino acids in bread has ability to calm down the nerves. Moreover, smelling a piece of bread can help reduce the vehicle odors and relieve the car sickness feeling.

Sweet potatoes
Raw yam plays an effective role in avoiding motion sickness. It helps prevent spasm and neutralize the acid in the stomach, consequently, vomiting is relieved. You can use raw sweet potatoes which have been washed for eating and swallowing all its residue.
Another simple method to reduce the symptoms of motion sickness is chewing gum and drink water in small sips during the journey.



source: What to eatfor effectively preventingmotion sickness