Additional benefits make you want to nap morefrequently


Is a nap really necessary? Do you think that you can work more effective and harder when working without a nap?

If you are so busy that you have no time to nap, it’s time to make a change, just 20 minutes every day. A recent study has shown that the productivityat work of those who rest in the afternoon is usually higher than those who do not nap. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a nap at noon!
Help increase productivity at work
Many studies have proven a nap in the afternoon is very important for the body and mind to recover. To increase productivity at work, you need an hour’snap at noon

Help increase your concentration
To maximize your ability to concentrate, you need a short nap. The brain cannot work well without a nap. Time for lunch break is enough for brain to recover and continue to work more flexible.
Help nourish your body
This is one of health benefits of taking a nap at noon. There is no advice encouraging you to skip lunch even when you’re very busy. When you’re hungry, your brain cannot focus well on working.
Helpyou do not feel sleepy
Nappingabout 10-15 minutes after eating will help you no longer feel sleepy while working. A nap at noon makes your spirit more awake in the afternoon.
You will lose weight
Many studies have indicated that a deep andcomfortable nap helps stay awake until the end of the day. Therefore, your appetite will be curbed, you will eat less and lose weight.

Obviously, time for respite in the afternoon brings much benefit to you.
In addition to a nap,are there any ways to rest at noon? If you have more free time, you should walk around to digest food better. If your work place is near the park, sit there at noon time to recharge your afternoon. Lunch break is also good time to chat with your lover. This will make your mood better, which thenimprove your labor productivity.


source: Additional benefits make you want to nap morefrequently