5 foods should be avoided when you are hungry



When hunger crushes up, we often eat fast food or packaged lightweight ones to overcome hunger rather than cooking or eating out. However, unluckily, such these foods may harm to your health.


Milk contains high protein and vitamins, but ingesting it as a hunger-fighting food shall be counterproductive. Because in this case, the protein value in milk shall not play its own role of providing nutrition, not only unable to satiate a hunger but also make you easily experience abdominal pain and vomit.


Yogurt is known as effective digestive enzymes and great good for your health if it is eaten after meals. However, yogurt brings the opposite of the desired effect if you do not ingest in the right time, especially when you are hungry, yogurt may produce bad effects on your stomach.

The best 2 times of eating yogurt are 2 hours after meal and eating before going to bed, which promote all the effects of yogurt in helping your body to better digest all foods having been eaten in the mid-day and night. Besides that, this food also has anability to beautify your skin.

Oranges, tangerines, tomatoes

These fruits are great for dessert because these are rich in vitamin C, but if you eat them when the stomach is empty, it is not good for health.

Oranges, tangerines contain high sugars and organic acids. Therefore,ingesting them when you are hungry shall stimulate the gastric mucosa, repeatedly in long time may cause stomach pain, which are extremely detrimental to health.

Tomatoes contain a lot of ingredients such as pecine (fruits glue), apocrustic, etc.,which all easily chemically react with stomach acid, forming hard dissolved lumps. These lumps will block the outpouring way of foods in stomach, causing remarkably increased pressure on the stomach, and leading to gastric distension and stomach pain.


Bananas contain a lot of magnesium elements. Eating bananas when you are hungry will greatly increase the amount of magnesium in the blood, creating an imbalance between the proportion of calcium and magnesium in the blood. This shall affect the blood flow to the heart and harm to health.

In addition, banana is high in vitamin C, whichis detrimental to your stomach if they are transferred to your body while you are hungry.


People often said to each other that if they want to improve their “drink capacity”, they should have a full stomach or eat a piece of cheese before drinking. So, binge drinking with an empty stomach easily make us get drunk.

In addition, drinking in hungry easily leads to low blood sugar, so, drinkers mayexperience the dizziness phenomenon, pouring sweats, cold and hungry. Especially, if the body sugar levels drop too low, it may lead to comatose.


source:  5 foods should be avoided when you are hungry