What Is Cervical Cancer



Many people would be wondering what is cervical cancer. The answer is very simple. This is the cancer that appears in the lower part of the uterus that opens to the vagina. The cells of the cervix begin to behave abnormally and eventually become infected. There are so many of the women who are prone to cervical cancer from when thy begin menstruating all the way to the old age. As long as a person does menstruate and gets some sexual intercourse, there is a likely hood of suffering from the cervical cancer. It is therefore good for all ladies to take care of themselves when they arrive at this age of doing these things. They will be in a better position of being on the safe side.

What Is Cervical Cancer

It is always good for people to know that if they want to understand clearly what cervical cancer is, they have to keep on consulting the doctor for guidance and counseling. It takes several years for one to begin experiencing the signs that are involved with cervical cancer. Therefore when one gets to see any of the signs like the abnormal bleeding especially during sexual intercourse, vagina discharge that is tinged with blood, heavy discharge during menstruation periods and irregular discharge among others, there is a possibility of having the cervical cancer.

It is also good to know that when there is a detection of any of the signs, one should not panic. There are other serious diseases that have the same symptoms and which may not be as serious as the cancer. It is therefore good to seek medical advice for some tests and counseling at these times. All the cells in the cervix once infected with the cancer will completely become non functional. They spread the cancer to other parts of the body like the bladder. This is due to the fast multiplication of the cells that are infected. This provides an answer to the question, what is cervical cancer.

What all women should do is to prevent themselves from having many sexual partners. They should also ensure that they have sexual intercourse with protection. This will highly help them in preventing them from getting the cervical cancer. Prevention is always better than cure. I believe up to this point many of the people understand the question, what is cervical cancer. There is need for protection because this is a deadly disease. When the worst condition is reached, the lady will have no option other than wait with great pain for the God to remove her from this planet earth.

What is cervical cancer? This is a question that always rings in the minds of the women as they grow up. All the adolescent girls should be educated on this disease so that they don’t experience the problems. It is good for all the women to always have regular campaigns to eradicate the disease as well. All ladies too should be in the fore front into implementing all the necessary things that are aimed at protecting them from getting the cervical cancer.


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