What does Throat Cancer Look Like



On account of its vague symptoms, one wants to know what does throat cancer look like.In the very initial stages it looks like common flue or cough due to exposure of sudden changes in weather. To some it looks like an allergy.

What does Throat Cancer Look Like

The physical appearance of throat cancer in the early stages is like white areas of different sizes on the internal lining of the throat. In the middle stage it is associated with the appearance of a small blister like bulging. At times a small lesion is also seen as an accumulated mass of benign cells. A lump usually appears in the neck as a symptom which may not be necessarily a cancerous lump. However the appearance of one or more lumps in neck should not ignored and should be medically examined for its being a benign lipoma or liposarcoma that might be a potential threat of causing throat cancer.Lumps that persist over a prolonged period of time,  need to be checked .This may be verified through biopsy followed by appropriate microscopy of the involved cells. Cells which are notably different from the healthy cells and continue to replicate with an invasive trend are considered a potential causative factor in throat cancer.

Appearance in advanced Stage

In the advanced stages the throat cancer appears like a round, soft tumor, hanging or attached somewhere very close to the lining of throat. It may then gradually increase in size and exert pressure on vocal cords or partially hinder the breathing passage, causing the typical symptom of coarse or hoarse voice. Before the advent of the throat cancer, the appearance of lesions is observed which later on develop into bigger wounds.

Appearance after surgical removal

Throat cancer is very much treatable by surgery and radiation in the early stages. As the cancerous cells are invasive and have the capability to influence the nearby tissues or muscles, it is conventional to remove some healthy tissues along with the tumor during surgical removal of the tumor to be doubly sure that no malignant cells are left behind.

Immediately after removal the tumor looks like bulbous mass which had been detached from its hanging place through cutting the attached string like tissues.

Appearance of sore in mouth

Any abnormal appearance of a sore in mouth which persists for a period of more than a month and has the tendency to increase in size with occasional bleeding may cause throat cancer, therefore needs medical attention. Such sores are normally not painful therefore may escape, on time medical examination. Swelling of any type in mouth may be a trifle abnormality. For any swelling in mouth, medical advice from a dentist or physician should be taken as a precaution.


Throat cancer may look like white discontinuous areas in or around the roof of mouth. It may also appear in the form of lesions, sores, wounds, lumps or swelling in mouth or may manifest itself in the form of one or more lumps on the neck.


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