Treatment For Lung Cancer



Before treatment for lung cancer will be given the patient have to be diagnosed first and then the doctor will also have to determine in what stage the cancer cell has progressed. Basically there are three types of treatment that a lung cancer patient may undergo depending on the stage. The patient can undergo surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Treatment for lung cancer would also depend on some factors like the size and the location of the tumor. Other factors are the type of cancer cells that the patient has either a small cell or a non-small cell and depending on whether the cancer cells have already spread to the other parts of the lungs or the lymph nodes. The general health of the cancer patient is also a vital factor to consider when giving aggressive treatment procedures because if the body is weak, the patient might not even survived the treatment.

Treatment For Lung Cancer

The patient has to understand that sometimes a doctor would prescribe two therapies or treatment one after the other. The reason for this is to ensure that the first treatment would be successful. For example, if the cancer cell is still small, it can be taken out by doing a surgical procedure which would be the first type of treatment administered. After the surgical procedure the doctor would then have the patient undergo chemotherapy treatment to ensure that if there are cancer cells left behind after the surgery, it would be eliminated by the chemotherapy treatment.

Normally before treatment for lung cancer will be given, the type of treatment that will be given to the patient will still have to be discussed by a team of doctors, not just one, to ensure that proper and correct treatment is given to the patient. A thoracic surgeon, pulmonologist and an oncologist will usually be involved in deciding this matter.

Surgery is only applicable when the lung cancer is still in stage 1 and in some cases up to stage 2.  Cancer cells may be removed from the lungs but there are no guarantees that the cancer cells have all been removed or that it won’t recur. Surgical procedure would depend on where the cancer cell is located and if it has already spread. There are also cases when resection of the cancerous tumor through surgery cannot be done if the patient has other serious health conditions in the heart and lungs.

Radiation is employed to treat lung cancer by killing the cancer cells and preventing it from spreading to the other parts of the lungs or body. This can be done to support the earlier surgical procedure or applied if the patient is not committed in undergoing surgery to remove the cancerous cells.

Chemotherapy is using certain drugs to kill the cancer cells and to prevent them from spreading. It can be given in the form of pills or through IV infusion. There are a lot of cancer drugs that have been developed over the years but as of the moment it is said that the one that is most effective is the platinum-based drugs.