Viral: Heartless man feeds his puppy to his pet snake!

A viral video is circulating online and it shows how a man feeds his pet snake with a puppy. Netizens arecriticizing him for this unbelievable act and his guts to even film it and post it online.
The owner is then identified as Joyee Yeep. His video shows how a gentle puppy was in fear as the huge snakeapproaches. The reptile smells the puppy for a second before it devoured it mercilessly.
Several netizens were able to get some of his photos with his snake, boasting about how big and strong thereptile was.
Because of Joyee’s video, many people claim that he is a heartless and cruel man. They added that he should not get away with what he has done.
If ever you haven’t watched the video yet, view it below:
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