Mayor Duterte’s Simplicity Showed Off In These Photos That Had Gone Viral! MUST SEE!

When Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced that he will be running for presidency, the people all over the country rejoiced. They are having high hopes that he will be the leader that this country needs. He is bound to be the one who will fix every single thing in the administration.
What is even more impressive is that the people can see how simple his lifestyle is. From his simple house in Davao City, the Filipinos have witnessed his simplicity with the actions that he is making in his campaign rallies.
Now, this photo of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s simplicity has gone viral again. In this photo, you will see him tying his tshirt from behind since it is larger than the usual size. On the other photo, Mayor Digong was seen using his phone which is an old model that still has the keypad.
He is not the president who pampers himself with luxury. He is the president that knows how the Filipinos are living now.