Travel Insurance – don’t get on a plane without it!



Being the victim of a crime such as theft or being in an accident is bad enough without being in a foreign country and away from all that is normal. Travel insurance is essential in situations like these as not only will you be covered for any loss or medical treatment required, you will also have peace of mind that you will be covered for any other eventuality. Many countries abroad require proof of insurance before any major medical treatment is given, so in extreme circumstance, your cover could also be a difference of life and death. For a small payment you will have an insurance policy which will cover theft, lost luggage, illness, accidents, cancelled flights, and even death abroad. Holidays are expensive enough without adding thousands of dollars worth of medical bills to the equation. It is not possible to see into the future and there is no way of knowing what may happen. With the right policy, it will not matter what may happen as you will have the funds to cover everything. Lost luggage is a common problem and your holiday could be ruined if you have no access to your personal items. With travel cover, you will be allocated funds for new clothes and other essentials as well as compensation for the inconvenience. The same goes for cancelled flights. Without insurance, you will have to book a new flight yourself which could prove very costly as well as being a great deal of hassle.

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With the right insurance policy, you will be given money for a new flight and again be compensated for the inconvenience. There is no excuse for not booking travel insurance as online companies have very competitive prices and have forced a large reduction in the cost. Securing the best deal has never been easier because cover can be booked in a few simple steps without the hassle of frustrating phone calls and confusing fine print. Companies such as Downunder Insurance ( offer a range of policies covering people of all ages, all levels of health, all destinations, a wide range of extreme sports and even have a ‘no excess’ option. Booking online will save time and money as well as being much easier because all of the information you need is in front of you, you are not relying on the post and quotes are immediate. Being prepared for any situation is the best way to avoid real crisis. It will leave you free to enjoy your holiday and could also save you from getting into huge debt because of a freak accident. Travel insurance covers individuals, couples and families and regardless of where you are going or how long you are going for, it should be booked at the same time as your flights so that you take no chances. The cover will protect you immediately, even before you leave for your trip. If you are ever tempted too travel without any insurance you will not only be risking losing money, you will also risk your health. Taking a little bit of time now will guarantee to save you time, money and hassle should the unfortunate happen.