Dr Phil’s Dating Tips: Follow His Dating Tips and Stop Being Single



Some things happen naturally and some do not. When it does not happen on its own then you have to plan and plot and make it happen. Dr Phil’s dating tips are all about making things happen. If you sit back and wait for it then you may end up being single all your life, so go through Dr Phil’s dating tips advice and do something about it.

A good place to meet your date

If you meet your date for the first time or during the beginning of your dating period, you will need to make conversation with each other to get to know one another well. So do not opt for a place where there is loud music and a big crowd where you can barely hear yourself think. It is always nice to have your early dates in nice quiet surroundings, which not only set the mood but also allow you to hear each other.

Be an attentive date

By being attentive it is not the same as falling all over your date, but what it means is that you should make it a point to listen to what your date is saying attentively so that he / she does not get the idea that you are far away in your thoughts. It is nice to smile a nice warm smile when you both meet and greet each other. Let each other know that you find their conversation stimulating and interesting. It is essential to make eye contact to let them know that you are “there” with them. Another thing that you should do is to prompt the conversation by asking questions and hearing the responses out with interest.

What you should avoid on early dates

A big no, no is alcohol and getting drunk. If you must have a drink, then nurse a glass of wine but make sure you stay sober. Too much of alcohol will make you say all sorts of things which you may regret later and if you get drunk you will also cut a sorry figure. There is no need to reveal your whole life history to the person you are meeting for the second or third time. Give this time so that the friendship matures a little more, and then let the other know bit by bit about yourself. While talking about not revealing too much about yourself, it is also a bad idea to go physical too early in your relationship. Try not to talk about your past relationships and frighten the poor date away or bore them to death. One important thing is be on time and do not keep each other waiting.

After a successful date and with a promise to meet again and again, there is definitely a promise of a rosy future and of changing your single status. A lot depends on how the two individuals take to each other and on how much effort they make in impressing one another, in a genuine way and with no false hoods spoiling the picture. With Dr Phil’s dating tips to go by you cannot go wrong in your dating skills.