Dead Man Placed Sitting On A Chair Holding A Cigarette With Eyes Wide Open At His Own Funeral! Unbelievable!

A very tragic incident happened to a 26-year-old man named Fernando de Jesus Diaz Beato. He was shot 15 times in the neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico. This ended his life immediately.
He was known as a very active and happy person so the family wanted to have something special for him on his funeral. Instead of putting him in the traditional coffin, they placed him in a chair sitting while his legs are crossed. He was wearing his favorite clothes and even has a cigarette in between his fingers. The final touch was that his eyes are wide open.
 ‘We decided to embalm him like this because he was a very happy person, very active and we want to remember him as he was.’ Said his siter Ihizz Diaz Beato.
The results somehow shocked the family but was thrilled by how he looked.