The Benefits of Preparing Your Holiday the DIY Style



Have you always wanted to take some time off, and simply have fun travelling?

If so, then start planning as early as now. You really do not have to be reliant on travel agencies or holiday packages when planning your visit to any of your preferred destinations worldwide. This is simply because you can sort out everything on your own, provided that you prepare ahead of time, and that you have all the resources you need.

Still unconvinced that you can actually go holidaying the DIY way? Read on then, to actually know the advantages of doing holiday preparations your way.


Sure, booking through an agent provides major advantages on your part especially when convenience is a huge factor to you. However, flexibility in terms of making adjustments like add-ons, changes, and cancellations is scarce when you book through packages. This is mainly because these holiday packages require fixed payments which are mostly non-refundable or non-transferable. Also, if you decide to make some changes, whether on your flights or other bookings, you will need to pass through a lot of processes, and wait longer for the changes to take effect. Say, for instance, you decided to check into self-catering cottages instead of staying in a hotel. You may prefer the former since you want your vacation to be more adventurous or you want to be able to cook your own food, and have a more personalised accommodation.

With these changes in mind, if you were to book through an agency, you’ll need to contact your agent for some help. In turn, it may take you some time to get it done since your chosen travel package needs to be adjusted for reasons like your preferred accommodation do not fit the current package you’ve booked. Therefore, there’s a possibility that your travel agency may just void your initial package. You then may have to start all over again, making it inconvenient for everyone in the long run. Now, this would not be the case when you do it the DIY style. You can simply make cancellations or changes without any hassle as you can do the preparation or bookings on your own online. So long as your preferences are available, then your changes should be good to go.


As mentioned earlier, time is an important factor when you process all your bookings, especially when you’ve decided to make changes on them. With an agency, it might mean that you will need to wait longer for your changes to apply or worse, it wouldn’t take effect at all. With such possible inconvenience, you may need to make daily follow ups to your agent to avoid this.

This is where you will then appreciate the advantage of booking online yourself. It would be especially convenient for you if you use a 24-hour online booking system, in which you can conveniently process bookings any time — from adjustments to cancellations.


The practicality that DIY holiday bookings provide is perhaps one of the most sought out benefits for most travellers. This is because booking with travel agents may come with a hefty price tag, as it may include with commissions, service charges, and other fees.

If you forgo travel agents, however, you can save some money on travel expenses and perhaps just allocate those extra resources on to your pocket money.

Indeed, going on holidays once in a while is essential to one’s life as they provide major mental, emotional, and physical benefits for you. And doing the preparations yourself will bring you more advantages. making your vacation a worthwhile experience!