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Around the world today, London is one of the most expensive cities to live in. The regal manors and palaces, centuries-old buildings, magnificent churches and museums, the spectacular cityscape, and the streets etched with history and culture are good enough reasons why London has to be so illustrious. Walking into London’s pebbled streets would allow us to see that despite the cost of living in the metropolis, the aura and atmosphere defining London are all worth living. With high costs of rental and housing spaces, it is not difficult to find a suitable place to stay for the middle-income earner.


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Without doubt, London’s real estate and property match with the city’s urban design. The properties in London is a myriad of the old and the new standing together, balancing the Victorian, Elizabethan and Romantic architecture with the avant-garde and radical. It is actually surprising how the extremely different architectural eras complement well to bring about life and dynamism to the city. The blend is simply perfect and it enriches the city’s overall value.

Most of London is already covered with houses. Following the traditional structure, London’s houses are usually small and tight. Because of the city’s large population and limited area, these houses are usually situated together like a stack of dominoes. Unlike the quintessential American house with big open lawns and driving space, Londoners usually park their cars on the streets and they do not have that much of a luxury to have big open lawns. To compensate with this, London houses usually stand at around two to three stories. Houses located in London’s periphery, where it is already near the countryside and the vast green fields often have the luxury of having large spaces. In addition, the most expensive properties in London are usually located in the city’s centre or where there are many historic places, or high-rise financial centres, or in chic and trendy fashion districts. More often than not, only upper middle-income earners or the considerably rich can have the luxury of actually owning property in London’s expensive districts.

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However, a large population – most especially bachelors – usually stays in large apartment complexes or in condominiums. Apartments are a common site in London considering that many middle-income Londoners can only afford with this kind of living space. And because of the constricted area London is designed, a large number of the population do not own any vehicles. Rather, people would prefer riding on two-story buses, taxis or in London’s mass transit system, which is fondly called the Tube. However, some Londoners do own some cars. But because of the very limited space among homes and in the streets, the common cars often times available are box type cars.

And in terms of home entertainment, London is quite expensive on that part. Cable television is usually expensive, and much more, televisions are quite expensive and people would rather invest their time listening to the BBC in their radios or strolling around and watch a film. While it is not cheap to own anything in London, it is really encouraged that people take the opportunity and live London to the fullest. In the end, the cost of living remains to be less compared to the splendour one would experience and enjoy in London.