Kim Domingo’s Video Working Out Will Make You Go Crazy!


Kim Domingo made a noise over the social media sites when her Dubsmash videos went viral. Then, her career as a model even got better as she got to be the cover of the leading Men’s magazine FHM Philippines. She was the cover of the December issue.

She was wearing a lace underwear. FHM posted, “Gents, allow us to reintroduce to you, the irrepressible Kim Domingo, a.k.a. The Most Breathtaking Internet Sensation To Ever Grace Your Social Media Feeds.”

Now, a video of her trends online. It was the footage that was taken in a fitness gym where Kim Domingo is with Shane Ramos who is the FHM crush. They are doing their fitness workout together. They are maintaining the beauty of their body figures that really makes the men go-gaga.