Watch: Enrique Gil grabbed Liza Soberano’s face and did this! Their fans went wild because of it!

Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano are one of the famous love teams of this generation. They became famous for their roles in ABS-CBN’s television series ‘Forevermore‘.
Their tandem was like a breath of fresh air from the public. They were instantly loved and received well as on-screen partners.
As a result, they have gained loyal fans and supporters. Their followers claim that what they like most about the two is that they seem to be very close and they know each other so well.
This often leads to rumors whether or not they are now romantically together. However, both have denied such accusations.
However, a particular video of them is trending online. It shows how they were thanking their fans who went to their Road to Forevermore concert.
But it can be heard that the fans were chanting a request. They wanted Enrique and Liza to kiss. All in the audience were seen preparing their cameras to capture the moment.
Enrique, on the other hand, gamely responded to their request. He immediately grabbed Liza’s face andkissed her.
The audience went wild with the scene they have witnessed.
Watch the video below!