Cruises – There’s never been a better time to set sail and head to a far off exotic destination




With so many cruise lines in operation today, without the proper research and investigation you may end up on a cruise ship that’s not exactly what you were expecting. From having cruise liners that are dedicated to families to those that are child free, P&O cruises, who are recognized as inventing the art of cruising in around 1837, have an array of ships that take off from Southampton and travel to some of the world’s most exotic and exciting destinations. If you spend some time reviewing related websites, you may well come across some excellent last minute cruise deals that will include decent discounts simply by paying for the cruise vacation online, plus some other great bargains such as free car parking at Southampton port and some spending money for onboard shopping. The majority of the cruise liners offer some bargains, including Royal Caribbean cruises that have cruise tours that take in a total of over 250 worldwide destinations, from the historical ports of the lovely Mediterranean through the breathtaking glaciers of Alaska, to the silky white sandy beaches of the tropical Caribbean islands. Of their 22 magnificent boat cruises, the enormous Freedom class ships are some of the biggest in the world. On board passengers are treated to a range of first class services and activities such as fine dining at a number of different eateries and night time entertainment, and often cruise deals can be found on these and other cruise ships in their fleet.


Above the solarium pool area of the cruise

“The service, food, entertainment and itinerary and first class and 2nd to none. I would highly recommend this ship/itinerary to everyone.”  – Allan, Disley, Stockport on 23rd Apr 2009 (Princess Cruises)

Cruise Deals

If you are in the market for a special cruise holiday then a cruise liner that is famous for its distinctive social events such as themed balls and parties, with general first rate onboard facilities that can be enjoyed in comfort and style is Cunard cruises. Their fleet of stylish cruise ships travels to ports all over the world including the USA, Canada and the Caribbean, with their most famous of superliner, the QM2, making transatlantic crossings. Many of their cruise tours can be found online with very good cruise deals offered by leading travel websites. One such offer is for their 2010 program whereby passengers receive a cash sum to spend on board the cruise, and children travel for free. Alternatively, if you are looking for something that offers an experience which is more contemporary in nature, you should consider Celebrity cruises that boast a range of interesting activities for its passengers to enjoy such as a poolside massage, themed lunches, late night comedy shows and relaxed cocktail bars. The classic elements of a cruise holiday have been maintained whilst the ship cruises have been updated to cater for current lifestyles. Starting in 2010, the Celebrity Eclipse will set sail from Southampton and will boast an amazing ten new restaurants offering passengers the ultimate in dining options and if this is something that appeals to you, then there are some great deals to be found, on this and other luxury cruises.

Celebrity Cruises – Martini Bar

“The food was first class. The Staff cheerful and, mostly, very helpful. Any small niggles were instantly deal with to our satisfaction. We enjoyed most of the Entertainment. The Theatre is comfortable and very large. The Entertainment Staff all worked very hard to make the Cruise a happy one.”  – Riddle, 29700 Velez-Malaga on 23rd April 2009 (NCL Cruises)

Journey of a Lifetime

For most people at least, taking to the seas on board luxury cruises is not an annual event, and for some represent a once in a lifetime experience. As such, the worst thing you can do is to book a trip without first planning it properly. With a wide selection of destinations from which to choose from and many different cruise ships travelling to similar ports around the world, all of which offer cruise dealsin one form or another, it really is a potential minefield for new customers. Reading testimonials is always a good starting point, as to get the unbiased opinion of a few people who have been on a cruise holiday similar to one you are considering can be invaluable. If you are looking at Fred Olsen cruises, for example, you can find plenty of information on the internet in regards to their different cruise tours and onboard facilities. A firm that has been in the cruise vacation business for over 150 years, they provide a range of different cruise tours including Mediterranean cruises, and trips to Northern Europe, Greenland, Canada and Iceland. However, if you are thinking about a cruise to the Caribbean, which are generally accepted to be the most popular on the market, then you can view some write ups and pictures of trips with Caribbean cruises and get some balanced opinions about the services and overall quality of the cruise tours offered online and at the same time check out some cruise deals.

Fred Olsen Cruises – Deck

“All in all, this was a great cruise for the £720 it cost us for 2  and would have no hesitation in booking another cruise on this ship.” – Stewart, Seaton sluice on 18th May 2008 (Island cruises)

Land and sea

A division of the Mediterranean Shipping Company, MSC cruises has a venerable history when it comes to sailing on the world’s oceans. With a very distinct Italian style with authentic Italian cuisine and friendly Italian crew, passengers on board any of the seven wonderful luxury cruises are guaranteed to experience the ultimate in Italian hospitality. With destinations including the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and with a focus on attracting the younger end of the cruising community, some of the cruise deals that can be found represent real value for money and are certainly worth tracking down. In addition to these cruise ships, for people looking for a freestyle cruise experience whilst taking in some of the world’s most unforgettable destinations, then a cruise line that offers this plus an array of onboard facilities and no formal dress codes is NCL cruises. Representing the epitome of a casual cruise experience, many of their wonderful cruise ships offer up to 13 bars and restaurants including sushi and tapas bars, none of which have set dining times, so you are free to go about your business and eat whenever suits. Locations such as Hawaii, Alaska and the Caribbean are where the world cruises visit so if you feel that they provide the perfect combination of cruise and destination, then be sure to head online and look for some websites which can handle taking bookings, as the majority of the reputable online firms will be able to offer some great cruise deals.