Zogan Massage- The Fantastic Rejuvenating Facial Massage! You Have to Try it (Video)


Japanese methods are truly one of the greatest in the world. You have surely tried or heard about different Japanese methods for losing weight and the Zusanli massaging point for longevity. Another, similarly successful invention of the Japanese is the Zogan massage which means “the creation of face”. The Japanese stylist and beauty expert, Jukoko Tanaka was the one who attracted millions of people’s attention for this method. In the couple of last years, the interest of women for this massage has been on the increase. Moreover, this massage is very simple, easily learned, and available to everyone. What’s more, it only takes up 7 minutes of your time daily. This is a potent means not only for maintaining your youth, but as well as for facial rejuvenation. Jukoko Tanaka guarantees that after only 2 weeks of daily Zogan massage, you will notice the first positive results. Furthermore, the wrinkles decrease, the skin becomes toned, elastic, and smooth, the proper facial contours are created, the swollen skin and the dark circles under the eyes disappear, etc. This is so due to the massage of the so called “magical beauty points”.


Lymph massage- Zogan massage activates the removal of toxins, improves the tissue nutrition, and relieves them from surplus liquid.
Deep facial muscles massage- a technique of manual therapy which relaxes the muscles and has a beneficial effect on the skin and blood vessels of the skin-strengthens and revitalizes them.
Everyday massaging will enable you to significantly rejuvenate your skin, eliminate tiny wrinkles and decrease deep ones. Moreover, there will be no swollen parts, dark circles under the eyes, nor the receded chin.
The Zogan massage needs to be performed with the help of oil, or massaging cream that needs to applied to a previously cleaned face. Jukoko Tanaka recommends cotton oil, or also called golden oil. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and omega 6 fatty acids. Moreover, it has a high amount of phytosterols which gives the oil its durability, and enables a fast absorption. Your skin will be especially smooth after using cotton oil. If you cannot find cotton oil, you are free to use another vegetable oil suitable for facial skin, for example, olive, walnut, etc.


-lymph system diseases

-ORL diseases

-skin diseases

-if you have a cold, your nose is runny, or you have increased body temperature, avoid doing the Zogan massage, since it activates the lymph system.

The video below shows how to properly perform the Zogan massage. You need not a mirror, just look at your computer’s screen and repeat the moves until you remember them. At the end of the video you will see “before” and “after” results after a two weeks massage with the Zogan technique.

So, dedicate yourselves ten minutes of your free time for complete relaxation and facial rejuvenation!