You won’t believe how this girl’s photo transforms after 5 minutes of editing


Flawless models and perfect-looking celebrities are all around us. We see their perfect bo..dies on magazine covers and their smooth skin on ads and billboards.

But don’t you know that today, most photos are now being altered with the help of technology. The fact that so many images of are “perfected” with the help of a computer and mobile applications, girls grew up having a dis.torted view on what ‘Beauty’ really is.

Check out this video uploaded by 2! Idol, which shows an image of a woman being photoshopped into a more g.lamorous and fa.ce.

From her skin tone to her eyes, nose and mouth, it was unbelievable at first that those features could be simply edited by a certain application.

Amazingly, this 5-minute clip was viewed almost 5.9 Million times already as of writing