These security officers were frisking her for security reasons. Wait til you see what they touched!

We are all aware that security checks are being implemented in almost all of the establishments around the world. Security checks are strongly implemented to prevent people from bring dangerous things or firearms inside the establishment.
But then, we also know that security airports are much stricter than any security checks in various establishments. This is to prevent people from bringing things that are not allowed in the airport.
And now, a video clip about security check is now circulating online! These men were dressed as security officers. What’s shocking in this footage, is that they have the most unbelievable way of frisking people who are entering the establishment!
Those who are carrying dangerous things weren’t checked, but when women came in, they suddenly checked them and their private parts!
However, this is only a prank and was just made to entertain other people. No more, no less.