An Open Letter To The Arrogant UPLB Student From A UPLB Alumni! MUST READ!

One of the hottest and most controversial topics in the social media now is the impolite act that this student named Stephen Villena did towards the presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.
He was continuously disrupting the mayor as he was trying to answer the question of this UPLB student. Not many people are in favor of what he did. There are people who claims that this student was just too fond of himself.
Now, a former student of University of the Philippines named Dr. Nol Motalbo who is the CEO and Founder of theMont Albo Massage Hut Spa has a message to this young student.
The doctor said that it hurts him whenever he would hear something bad about his alma mater.
The students who come from UPLB are known to be strong, brave and intelligent. They are mostly achievers in their school. But some people claims that attitude is more important that having intelligence.
Many people claims that the Mayor Rodrigo Duterte does not deserve to be treated that way especially that he has made a remarkable change in Davao which proves that he is a good man that deserves respect.
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