All these years you’ve been washing your hair WRONG! Here’s the correct way to wash your hair to prevent damage!

A lot of people think that shampooing is as easy as wet wash and rinse. What we all didn’t know is that there’s a correct way of washing your hair to get the best results.
People are using different products to keep their hair healthy, what they didn’t know is that the only way to a healthier strands of hair is to wash it correctly.
Here are some of the ways to keep your hair nice and healthy:
1. Start by rinsing
Make sure that your hair is washed thoroughly and completely wet before applying shampoo. This helpsremove the dirt on your hair and your scalp!




2. If you have a long hair, condition it first!
big companies suggest that you should apply shampoo first before conditioning, but if you have a long hair, you should start by conditioning it before shampooing it.
3. Lather up on the scalp only
Shampoo your hair at the scalp. Start massaging from root to tip!