“Age doesn’t matter” This couple has gone viral on the internet




This couple is now getting the attention of the Netizens after their unusual love story revealed on the internet. According to the sources, the name of the couple is Ryan Yap and Nicole Pascual.

Despite of the age gap, they didn’t hesitate to reveal their relationship to their friends and both of their family accepted their relationship, but they didn’t evade the judgmental people who criticised their love story. Some of them think that Nicole is just having a relationship with Ryan Yap because of money, but the family of the girl denied it.

Their relationship was publicised when Nicole Bautista uploaded a video together with her boyfriend Ryan while riding their own car. The video has gone viral online and discussed by the Netizens worldwide.

They also asked the people to stop bullying them because they really love each other unconditionally. According to some sources, Nicole fell to Ryan because he is just a very kind guy and she didn’t know that her boyfriend is a very rich man.

Despite of the haters who questioned the reason of their relationship, many people expressed their support to the couple, stating that their relationship is very inspirational.


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