Video: Warning! Watermelons sold that are injected with chemicals to add color and sweetness to the fruit dubbed harmful


These dishonest vendors will do anything just to make a buck—even if it means endangering the health of consumers.

In the summer time (and other times as well), watermelon is the most refreshing fruit out there. It is sweet and juicy, making it the perfect snack on a hot afternoon. Everybody loves watermelon. But after seeing news about sellers injecting coloring and sweeteners leave consumers doubtful and hesitant in buying these fruits.


A recent video posted on Facebook has gone viral, where a couple of policemen and people from customs in Iran discover watermelons being sold had something injected in them. The chemical, used to add color and taste, is apparently harmful to the body. The police and customs of Iran are advising consumers to avoid buying the said fruit and be cautious when buying.