This dad calls his son a ‘Loser’ in public and refuses to give him ice cream. This guy does this!


As children, we all have made a mistake, or two, or a hundred. These mistakes should be a way to teach our children to learn from them, for them to avoid doing the same thing over again in the future. When you call your children ‘names’ or labels because of their mistakes—the effects are more devastating than we initially thought.

When we call our children names, they later believe they are actually what you say about them. Calling them “losers” will make them believe they are really losers. Not only will these children think that way, but also the people around them. If you go around calling them names and telling everyone about how horrible they are, You’re setting them up to be disliked before they even have a chance.

When you hear a parent calling his son/daughter names and labels, would you step in? In this episode of ‘What would you do’, a dad calls his son a loser after he cost them the game—and for that, he doesn’t get any ice cream while the other children are enjoying theirs. Would you do something to help the child?